Frankston Hospital: How Planning and Communications Meet

Last Updated on March 16, 2023

Why do Communications and Planning belong together?

Because great planning needs great communication. Planning sits at the interface between…

  1. The physical and technical
  2. The psychological and emotional

There are thousands of types of plans being made every day – like:

  1. Planning a launch
  2. Planning a development
  3. Planning site works
  4. Planning emergencies
  5. Planning a bid

All planning requires good communication so you can win trust and understanding faster.

By combining 3D Planning & 3D Comms – our major clients and partners are able to build trust and win great work, faster and easier than traditional methods.

Case Study: Frankston Hospital

Frankston Hospital design simulation
Communications and Stakeholder Engagement video for Frankston Hospital redevelopment

Project leaders knew they needed :

  1. Great Site Interface Plans – proving the hospital functions unhindered during construction
  2. Great Planning Customer Experience – planning together using live 3D planning
  3. Build Deep Trust in Relationships – by working in an open customer experience

That means Great Planning and Great Plans are needed. Both the verb and the noun.

3D Site Plans are up-cycled for 3D Communications. The 3D comms process is to

  1. Understand the real story – through great questions and analysis.
  2. Script the key messages into a narrative
  3. Build a visual storyboard – words into a visual script
  4. Animate and render – build a compelling communique to engage and inform

The value? Winning trust. Gaining understanding. Building high value relationships.

3D Planning gives you powerful communications automatically.

Adding 3D Comms makes your plans irresistible.

Communications and stakeholder engagement video for Frankston Hospital, external view