Planning Approvals Service for Infrastructure Projects

Integrated Agile, Contextualised, Intelligent Plan Development

Urban CGI transforms your clunky, slow, expensive planning process into agile, flexible, nimble and iterative development. In one package you win the power to create, test, optioneer, prove, develop, simulate, engage, induct and instruct others – interactively, collaboratively and in real-time. We provide online, cloud-based 3D planning tools to a full-service consultancy. Contact us to learn more and for pricing options.

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Our Simulations Make Planning Simple

Project managers work in complex environments. Each new stakeholder or interface can compound planning complexity and engagement to negotiate and assure a project outcome. In complex projects, you might have dozens to thousands of constraints, interfaces and stakeholders to manage.

Interfaces include constraints, adjacent operations, neighbours, safety, access, solar and sightlines, wayfinding, signalling, user and operator experience, flooding, hydrology and utilities, functional outcomes, engineering compliance and more. Stakeholders can include businesses, operators, operators, staff, neighbours, agencies, lobby groups, politicians, contractors, communities, regulators, clients, managers, executives and adjacent projects. Planning is not simple.

Urban CGI helps you accelerate your project development, O&M and constructability testing, communications and engagement with agile 3D real-time planning. Virtual or in-person interactive planning workshops allow agile iteration and refinement collaboratively. Linked directly to our communication and engagement service, you can have 3D renders and visualisation at any time.

Contact us to learn more and for pricing options.

Simulated vs Conventional Planning

Testing and simulating projects during planning is expensive and complex using conventional planning methods. Our next-generation digital 3D planning makes it immediate from day 1 to build parametric 3D plans in context so you can simulate operations, access and user experience, constructability and temporary works, signalling, signage and wayfinding, townscape integration and visual impacts from anywhere, yields, costs, interfaces, solar access, active transport, and functional relationships quickly and easily. That’s why UC digital planning is saving project managers and planners time, money, risk and stress.

Tradition planning sees separate commissions for all these studies by expensive consultants. We ingest CAD, BIM, survey data like LiDAR point clouds and photogrammetry and bring it all to life at your fingertips in a real-time 3D planning simulator so you can test, experience and communicate live. It’s the digital transformation of planning, available today. Contact us to find out more.

“Planning that took over a year with an AEC with little clarity and low confidence, UC have resolved in a few weeks. Alignment options, interfaces and customer experience are now totally understood. Plus we have great tools to negotiate with key stakeholders and make progress. The real-time workshops are great.” – Main Roads Planning Manager, Queensland Transport


Benefits and ROI

Urban CGI provides value along the entire project development, construction and operations asset lifecycle. The greatest ROI achieved the earlier in the project lifecycle it is implemented because this is when clients have the greatest opportunity to influence change and save money in later design and construction stages.

Live feedback is invaluable in an accurate, measurable, 3D high-fidelity geo-spatial environment. Clients enjoy complete and total visibility to discuss and iterate with tools to test options and their multiple impacts with instant, animated, human-scale and behavioural feedback.

Clients and their stakeholders slice and dice, push-and-pull infrastructure components in our 3D planning platform. The immediate engineering implications, human-scale feedback across interfaces and experiences at human scale in real-time give confidence and assurance and build shared vision and understanding.


Who are our clients?

Urban CGI planning is perfect for programme and project managers who are planning works with complex interfaces and stakeholders. UC Planning works with infrastructure clients globally from our headquarters in Melbourne Australia.


Urban CGI Planning Workflow

  1. We integrate and manage your base data into our Urban CGI planning platform.
  2. We work with you to integrate and develop options
  3. We deliver you the Urban CGI Planner via desktop and/or cloud.
  4. You start doing interactive real-time planning
  5. We support you with training, plan development and digital solutions.


Planning Features

Push-pull smart 3D shapes

Smart 3D Shapes

Push-pull shapes to 3D test yields, shadows, impacts, GFA and more in accurate geo-space.

3D alignments for parametric planning

Parametric Planning

Push-pull 3D alignments for light rail, roads and rail with engineering compliance feedback.

3D pathway planning simulations

Pathway Planning

Plan directly in complex 3D survey constraints for smarter, faster planning.

Safe works planning

Safe Works Planning

Plan works in complex, constrained and high- risk environments with confidence and ease.

Work site layout planning

Layout Planning

Drag-and-drop 3D assets onto 3D survey data for easy and assured layout planning.

Construction site planning

Construction Planning

Construction project management – plan and instruct safe layouts, separation of equipment within BIM, CAD and survey data.

Urban planning in the Cloud

Planning in the Cloud

Access 3D plans on the cloud so your team can test, plan and experience the future.

Work site human safety

Human Factors

Visualise safety envelopes in real 3D environments for works planning and training.

Construction Manager using site simulations to test site layouts, site safety, management and interfaces

Site Access Planning

Plan, verify and test site access at the human scale to ensure maintenance and safety.

On-ramp planning, testing and simulation

On-Ramp Planning

Within 3D survey data, push-and-pull layouts for alignments easily and quickly.

Digital simulation of motorway overpass

Overpass Overviews

Live parametric planning of alignments in accurate 3D existing conditions.

Example of live alignments using real-time urban planning software

Live Alignments

Facilitating complex optioneering in constrained environments above and below.


Challenges Planners Face

Infrastructure managers using conventional planning methods face these kinds of challenges. Urban CGI solves many of them….

  • Optioneering takes too long
  • Integration, collaboration and interface understanding are difficult
  • Ongoing variations that extend timing
  • Risks to quality that drive up costs
  • Rapid test-and-learn is not available


3D city scape showing surrounding built environment, accelerating property approvals

Property Approvals

Accelerating thousands of buildings and billions of dollars of development per annum.

Simulation showing solar planning and shadow analysis

Solar / Shadow Planning

Real-time 3D shadow analysis with Parametric Planning shapes in a survey context.

Parametric building planning to test yield, impact, massing, views, shadows

Yield Planning

Parametric building planning to test yield, impact, massing, views, shadows – live.

Push-pull layouts testing fencing options

Construction Fencing

Within 3D survey data – push-and-pull layouts for fencing easily and quickly.

Live parametric planning of barriers in accurate 3D environments

Temporary Hoarding

Live parametric planning of barriers in accurate 3D environments.

Real-time planning on 3D terrain

Planning on 3D Terrain

Realistic, accurate and real-time 3D planning on complex terrain is made fast and easy.

Perth city urban planning example

Perth City Planning

Our 3D Planning tech supports Perth City planners every day with planning assessments.

Melbourne city planning example

Melbourne DA Planning

10 years of 3D Planning support across major property and infrastructure in Melbourne.

Adelaide city infra-planning example

Adelaide Infra-Planning

Large 3D planning model accelerating transport and planning projects.

Rail pilot planning simulation

Rail Pilot Planning

Complex integrated rail environment planning including rail pilot and rolling stock behaviours.

Real-time train signal planning

Live 3D Signal Planning

Live parametric signal planning in accurate 3D environments transforms signal planning.

3D railway planning CGI simulation

Operational Readiness

Realistic, accurate and real-time 3D Rail CGIs for planning, training and communications.

“With UC, our Interface Planning is now live, 3D and collaborative with the client. This is transformative to planning efficiency and building client trust and it also makes costing easy and faster.” – Tier 1 contractor, Senior Project Director

Road safety planning simulation

Road Safety Planning

Road Safety Auditing (RSA) in traffic splines for dynamic sightline compliance feedback.

Real-time safety stopping audit example for railway

Safety Stopping Audits

Complex integrated street and light rail braking distance and sightline planning.

Evacuation planning simulation

Evacuation Planning

Evacuation planning simulations and testing in complex environments (see how our technology is useful for railway emergency preparedness).

Simulated work site emergency planning

Emergency Planning

Consistent training. De-risked and distributed. Competency-based.

“33 precision rail simulations delivered in weeks – unbelievable! World-best quality with an open development process. A great supplier.” – Planning Manager, Rail Operations

Work site communications planning example

Critical Comms Planning

Safety planning and apps develop and teach safety competencies.

Work site familiarisation simulation

Site Familiarisation

Easy understanding of complex sites and behaviours, live or packaged.

“UC short-cut the concept stage from our engineering partners so we can consult early without paying huge fees or waiting a long time for a drawing to appear. They cut concept development times from months to days. We test and learn in an agile way across interfaces as we co-design options with our stakeholders. Really transformative.” – National Government Infrastructure Agency, Stakeholder Manager

Planning in Real-Time

Bayswater level crossing simulation