Concept of Operations

Realistic ConOps with AI Behavioural Simulations

Projects are built to make operations more successful. How can you test Operations without a great ConOps?  

Urban ConOps gives you increased power, speed and visibility to test integration across agent behaviours with programmable AI and metrics as early as the Requirements Stage 

Concept of Operations Challenges

In project development, the Concept of Operations (ConOps) is the blueprint illustrating “how things work together”.

As projects become more complicated because of multi-stakeholder requirements and integration, even getting concepts to 30% assurance takes more and more meetings. Projects are stalling, sometimes for decades. This isn’t just frustrating; it costs time and money.

The traditional ConOps method cannot scale with increasing complexity, which can put future design projects at risk.

Black box simulation: Feed numbers into a black box simulation and needing to ‘trust’ the outputs the numerical outputs

Segregated: Specialists working in silos is the norm, and creates most of the problems of components working together

Expensive: Very expensive simulation processes that take time

Large Servers & Systems: Complex simulation databases, servers and systems requiring investment and maintenance with specialists

Speed: Takes a long time for outputs to occur, leaving sims to run overnight or longer, as compared to real time live feedback

Abstracted: Drawings, outputs, graphs and maps that are illegible and hard to understand

Introducing Urban AI ConOps

Urban ConOps gives you increased power, speed and visibility to test integration across behaviours with programmable variability using AI and metrics, as early as the Requirements stage.

Visibility: ‘White box’ simulations with total visibility over interactions. A trustless system means you don’t need to ‘trust’ the backend – you can see if it works

Verifiability: Open AI and clear parameters just like the real world with minimal abstraction give you total visibility of interactions and simulations 

Scale: Thousands of intelligent AI agents across machinery, various road vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, trams, trains, ferries, ships, plants and more

Service: We are with you the whole time to develop, program and facilitate all project outcomes 

Cloud Access: Access the simulation model to run, test and iterate yourself

CGI: Bring realistic visualisations and operations to life with modern graphical physics with weather, HD agents and more

Optioneering: Urban optioneering tools for design conceptualisation in real time

Integration: One of the most precious and rare ingredients, the integration between operating elements through to human behaviours 

Urban CGI Concept of Operations Simulation

Urban ConOps Features

Behaviour Trees & AI Brains
AI behavior trees structure complex decision-making processes

Navigation System
AI characters move intelligently in the game world, navigating obstacles

Perception System
AI detection and responsiveness in your environment (sight, sound, etc.)

Environment Query System (EQS)
Query data within environment, providing AI with decision-making process

AI Debugging Tools
Troubleshoot and optimise simulations, behaviour trees and integration

Hierarchical machine that combines behaviour tree selectors and transitions 

Runtime-focused framework for data-oriented calculations 

Smart Objects
Represent a set of activities or elements that can be used throughout system

AI Blueprints
Visual scripting language that integrates AI without extensive coding

Urban ConOps Benefits

Assure project outcomes with measurable, verifiable and realistic CGI simulation

Avoid rebuilds and reworks that delay timelines and cost millions

Radically reduced cost and complication of design solutions

Concept to Construction
Design optioneering in real-time through to design assurance

Critical elements integrated and visible in platform for total transparency

Logistics Optimisation
Test everything from turning cylces, safety and accessibility to speeds and weather

Simulate, test, review and optimise in real time for hyper efficiency

Collaborative Decision-Making
Ability for diverse stakeholders to work together, optimising operations

Increased Revenue
Reduced operational costs and increased usage through enhanced performance

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