Industrial Training

Quality Industrial Training requires investing in your organisation’s people, teamwork, culture, safety and productivity.

Converting Training Manuals to Training Magic on the touchscreen is where industry leaders need to be.

Urban CGI’s training solutions drive continuous operations improvement and organisational change management – people, process, purpose and productivity just one touch away. Our Training Innovation Team creates 3D CGI sims with our clients, developing eTraining programs that are simulated with AI behavioural agents, micro-credentialled and LMS-linked. 

100% accurate 3D site inductions and familiarisation on your touchscreen to drive resource efficiency
3D interactive procedural learning tools, accelerating competency training from months to minutes

Real-field risk and safety simulations and reconstruction to improve safety and productivity

Urban CGI Training Simulation

From Traditional to Innovative

Traditional training methods, including classroom learning and 2D training manuals, onsite instruction and physical simulators, often fall short in mirroring real-world complexities and adapting to diverse learning speeds.

Classroom settings and 2D manuals provide foundational knowledge but lack interactive elements essential for hands-on skills, while onsite training presents logistical and safety hurdles.

Physical simulators offer immersive experiences but are costly and rigid, limiting their use for broad applications.

Even as VR and AR technologies promise more engaging training environments, they face obstacles in device management, user experience, and the complexity of integrating detailed models like BIM. These challenges highlight the pressing need for innovative, versatile training solutions in today’s industries.

Urban CGI’s industrial training solutions are reshaping workforce education, addressing the limitations of traditional onsite, classroom and simulators. 

  • High levels of consistency with eLearning
  • Realistic immersion in scenarios on laptops and tablets
  • Low cost of deployment (no extra hardware needed)
  • Faster embedding of skillsets
  • Direct and live score results for feedback
  • Live micro-credentialling
  • Reduction of cost/dependence on trainers
  • Appeal and relevance to the ‘touchscreen generation’

Urban CGI Instructional Design Methodology

The conversion of “Manuals to Magic” is a nuanced process. Our methodology covers all elements of instructional design – all with the added benefits of our instructional intelligence designers and 3D capabilities. 

Learning Agenda: clearly defined knowledge skills that learners should acquire through the interactive training

Audience Analysis: thorough understanding of the characteristics, background, and prior knowledge of the targeted workforce

Instruction Interpretation: audit existing training materials and identify the key competencies to enhance as touchscreen applications

Learning Sequencing: mapping the logical flow and required actions (inputs, outputs, tools) of the procedures from start to finish

Micro-Proceduralising: identify micro-level tasks within each procedural step, contextualising scenarios each procedure by explaining its relevance and application in the industrial workplace

Actionable Procedure Embedment: embed interactive elements (videos, animations, interactive diagrams)

Humanisation of Interactive Steps: Integrate human-centric design elements to enhance user engagement and motivation

Learning Profiling and Patterns: develop action individuation (quizzes, multiple choice scenarios) for micro-credentialling

Haptic Tactics: integrate haptic feedback mechanisms into the interactive touchscreen application to simulate tactile sensations and enhance user engagement, assurance and retention

Urban CGI Training Design Workflow

3D Training – Benefits at Your Touch

80% Cost Reductions for Programs

100% On Time

“Open World” to “Guided Journey”

Stronger Knowledge Retention 

100% Training Consistency

<12-month cost recovery

“No Harm” Experiences

Gamification for 100+ Worksites

Risk Reduction to Business

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