About Urban CGI

Simulating Your Future

For over 25 years, we’ve supported making better places for people transformed through infrastructure in its social and environment contexts.

Grown organically from Dr Ben Guy’s creative consultancy to an international technology leader service.

Are you looking for Urban Circus, Australia? In March 2023, our digital twin technology company rebranded to Urban CGI. We are still the same team and deliver the same exceptional results. Our international company remains within the original Urban Circus studio in Melbourne. Our Urban Circus LinkedIn account has also changed to Urban CGI LinkedIn.

Our Australian-made technology supports construction managers, project managers and leaders across site-planning, master-planning and urban development-planning.

CGI master-planning supports Victorian transport agencies in building some of the best urban legacy projects in history across the suburbs of Melbourne.

Our site-planning solutions support construction managers and digital engineers with planning and simulating site layouts across construction and operations with agile 3.5D workflows.

Urban CGI development-planning solutions run the 3D Development Assessment systems for Perth, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Penrith, Melbourne and others for many years.

We also support projects with incredible communications, visualization, 3D rendering, training videos and interactive digital solutions across stakeholder engagement needs.

Urban CGI staff

Our Vision

We make planning an engaging art and science. Why?

Because bad planning and bad plans make bad, dangerous, expensive, unsustainable places and outcomes with ‘unforeseen’ consequences across multiple dimensions.

We really like good places and smart outcomes. Places like Oxford Circus, working across dozens of dimensions with high economic, social, functional and cultural value. Our society needs more integrated places and outcomes, less silo thinking.

Thus, we work hard to make awesome planning technologies and solutions so planning becomes ‘computer—game’ easy so you can make plans so powerful, you can transform your and our world.

Plans that are intuitive, obvious, agile, live, trusted, verifiable, measurable, integrated, multi-dimensional, beautiful, inspirational, instructional, intelligent and visionary.

Please, make good plans – whatever way you go.

Our Culture

We are a family-owned Australian business operating for 20 years. We have won the trust of clients through our enabling culture and on-time delivery mindset. Our level of care, passion and commitment and enabling approach differentiates us from corporate consultants.

Our real time 3d technology is relied upon in the boardroom, stakeholder engagement and major bid presentations.

Our planning and visualisation combination sees our clients win major bids, win trust, win influence, win sales and win the future.

Urban CGI team

Urban CGI Team Capability

We are a boutique professional services company with 25 years experience in supporting leadership teams of complex civil infrastructure projects in complex stakeholder and interface environments. We leverage cutting-edge digital 3D simulation and visualisation technology to deliver world-leading interactive, animated, and still computer-generated imagery products and services.

“AAA Fidelity” – our clients love the incredible visual quality and fidelity of our CGI technology and products. Even just uploading BIM to Urban CGI platform is eye-wateringly beautiful, then adding our CGI materials and skills brings your project and place to life.

“We never not deliver” – We have a delivery mindset built into our culture and systems, and we never miss it. Our entire system and workflow ensures you and your team have capability on time, and ahead of time, in your hands and online.

“AAA customer service” – our partners remark on our amazing level of service – especially those who work with Big Engineering firms who respond in weeks. We respond in minutes and hours. We work on deep trusted partnership approach with an unparalleled level of service.

“We win hearts and minds” – our storytelling, art, scripts and visual animation capability has seen leaders win tens of billions of dollars of projects, and change the minds of millions of people to support incredible outcomes. If you want to influence the future, talk to us.

“Aussie and family owned” – we are 100% Australian and family owned business, with dad and the kids running the show for years. This creates a heartfelt culture that is based on pure talent and our partners love the family service and treatment vs big corporations.

“Very high confidence” – our confidence in our solutions to change the game for you means we take incentive risks with partners with a shared vision – we help win funding, projects, approvals and save months and millions in complex construction projects.

Our team is comprised of dedicated full-time local employees and specialist contractors, allowing us to provide clients with significant capacity and a flexible workforce that can be optimized to reflect specific needs. We are committed to providing exceptional service and value to our clients and are always available to answer questions and provide support throughout the duration of our engagements.

“We innovate” – we invest heavily in cutting-edge technology and training to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our field, right at the front of interactive CGI technology, building tools, systems and workflows.

Dr. Ben Guy, Urban CGI

Meet The Founder

Dr. Ben Guy

Ben is a Civil Planner and has been in the planning industry for over 25 years. He’s passionate about bringing together modern technologies and agile methodologies to make urban planning smarter. 

Holding a PhD in Design-based Planning Systems, Ben’s thesis explored form-based urban design and planning. In it he compared post-war reconstructive city building to places like Oxford Circus, London, and developed and confirmed a method for city planning based on space over use.

Ben has led Urban CGI since 2002.

Connect with Ben.

Meet the Urban CGI Team

Scott Reimers

Scott Reimers – General Manager and Head of CGI Training

As the General Manager, I pivot around supervising operations and ensuring that our services are of the highest standard. And let me tell you, I find immense pleasure in doing what I do. From the moment I accepted the reins at UCGI, I felt a profound sense of purpose. The dynamic nature of managing operations, together with the privilege of working with some of the most competent individuals, turns each day into an exhilarating journey.

I’m proud to see our team deliver superior service consistently, beating deadlines, and exceeding our customers’ expectations gives me a deep sense of accomplishment.”

Brett Daly – Head of CGI Production

Hi there! As the Head of Production, my role revolves around ensuring the efficient delivery of projects to target quality. And let me tell you, I absolutely love what I do. From the moment I stepped into this role with UCGI, I knew I had found my calling. The fast-paced nature of production, coupled with the joy of collaborating with talented individuals, has made every day a thrilling adventure. Seeing a project come together seamlessly, meeting deadlines, and surpassing expectations brings me immense satisfaction.

I’m truly grateful to be part of a team with the same passion for excellence. It’s more than just a job; it’s a career that brings me joy and fulfilment.”

Brett Daly
James Noble

James Noble – Industry Engagement Manager

“One of the best things about working at Urban CGI is being involved in some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world and seeing these projects delivered. I enjoy spending time with our clients, solving problems, making their lives and projects 100x easier and driving the CGI planning technology.

Outside of UCGI, I spend time with my family, playing music and enjoying nature.

Viktor Slayk – 3D CGI Production Leader

I’ve been here since 2010, and I love it. It just gets better every day. Not only do I have the opportunity to craft places and infrastructure and help leaders build better, I get to have a major influence in the company and support workflows and incredible products. I am loving the new technology evolution since Ben is back, and we are running leaps and bounds to make incredible technology.

In my downtime, my wife and I love travelling to North Queensland and go as often as we can. I have built a lot around my house and enjoy the craftsmanship.

Viktor Sylak

John Gregg – Lead CGI Developer, A/- Technical Manager

“I absolutely love my job at Urban CGI! It’s a dynamic role where I design and deliver robust technology solutions. It’s like being a problem-solving wizard, constantly finding innovative ways to create systems that leave a lasting impact. Working at Urban CGI has truly shaped my career in remarkable ways. The supportive environment and collaborative team at Urban CGI have been instrumental in my growth, providing me with the resources and encouragement to reach new heights. They even sent me to the Gold Coast dev conference in my first weeks.

Every day, I wake up excited to tackle new challenges and contribute to the success of our services. It’s truly a whole new level of experience.

Andriy Kardash – 3D CGI Production Leader

“Hi there. As a CGI Production Leader, my days are filled with modelling and integration responsibilities that keep me on my toes. From leading resources to design leadership, I love building incredible, integrated and enormous CGI models. The thrill of working with amazing people at Urban CGI and building solutions that are truly changing the world for better is incredibly fulfilling. I have been here at Urban CGI since 2011.

It’s been a tough year for more personally, as I am Ukranian and my family are back home. Ben and the Urban CGI team have been so supportive, giving me the time I need – they are always right there with me.”

Andriy Kardash
Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith – 3D CGI Production Leader

“Urban CGI has been such a great support to me. I used to work at Big Engineering companies, but now I love working here. It’s been 10 years and I am still loving it every day. I have had some family matters to take care of and Urban CGI have supported me working from Manchester for many months at a time, a long way from home in beautiful Brisbane. I really appreciate it. Also we are doing more incredible projects with more amazing technology all the time, so the works I very interesting.

I have a couple of kids that keep me and my wife busy as well as supporting our extended families through some difficult times.”

Jackobi Forsyth – CGI Engine Developer

I have really had the opportunity to stretch my wings here at Urban CGI and take a senior role in building a whole new CGI system that delivers incredible value for our clients. The problems can be very complex across simulation and design. I have leapt from blueprinting to coding and have been given the trust to create complex solutions on critical projects. It’s great to see my creations affect real-world decisions on community infrastructure as I am deeply passionate about a sustainable future.

I am getting married and am busy preparing for a future with the love of my life.

Jackobi Forsyth

Justin Imhoff – CGI 3D Engineer Lead

As a Senior 3D Lead, I am fortunate to be able to take our art quality to the next level, creating visually stunning compositions that resonate with our audience. Implementing high-quality and accurate design in both pre-rendered and real-time environments is a fulfilling challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace.

I am grateful to be part of Urban CGI’s team, where my passion for 3D art and design is celebrated and encouraged.”

Albin Thomas – CGI Video Producer

“I am building a career in video production and love working at Urban CGI, and the quality of work I get to do is unbelievable. Our video production outputs are constantly taking my work to a whole new level of challenge. I love supporting clients in building exactly the right communication messages and bringing all the elements together from the storyboard through the execution with tight transitions, colour grading, natural sounds, intros and outros and soundtracks – that’s me.

After hours, I am busy running around after my little energiser bunny daughter who keeps me on my toes all the time!”

Albin Thomas
Angus Bollen Unreal Technical Artist of Urban CGI

Angus Bollen – CGI Unreal Technical Artist

“As an Unreal Technical Artist at Urban CGI, I find tremendous satisfaction in being the crucial bridge that connects the production and development teams. Seamlessly merging code and art is a constant source of inspiration and enjoyment. Working at Urban CGI has been an incredible personal and professional journey. The company’s emphasis on innovation and continuous learning has propelled my growth as an artist. Urban CGI!’s supportive culture has provided me with opportunities to explore new techniques and refine my skills. I am grateful to be part of a team that values collaboration, pushing boundaries, and creating extraordinary working experiences

Arjun Jain – CGI Engine Software Developer

“My journey at UrbanCGI has been a transformative adventure. As a Software Developer, I’ve embarked on a path of continuous growth and innovation. From the very start, I’ve been captivated by the dynamic environment and the opportunities to contribute to groundbreaking technological solutions. Witnessing my ideas evolve into impactful software and collaborating with a team of dedicated professionals has been incredibly rewarding.

UrbanCGI’s commitment to learning, problem-solving, and fostering a collaborative community has enriched my experience, making each day an exciting step forward in my career journey.”

Nathaniel Morada

Nathaniel Morada – 3D CGI Modelling Specialist

I am so glad to have discovered Urban CGI, and I love working here. My life is much more in balance, and family is important to me. I love the team and the sense of collaboration and have already been given some leadership opportunities. The work is really interesting, and the trust is high. The production leaders are fantastic to work with.

Justin Cruz – 3D CGI Engineer and Technical Artist

“Hi. I am Justin, a Technical Artist, passionate about making beautiful and engaging 3D applications. Since coming to Urban CGI, life has been so much better to be working alongside a wonderful team. Urban CGI culture is kind, fair and responsive to my needs. Plus, I get to do amazing work.

At Urban CGI, the hours and expectations are reasonable, and the culture is great. I love working with the production leaders, and they give me a lot of respect for my work and diversity of opportunity.”

Joan Abbott – Business Accounts Manager

Working in the Urban CGI business has been an incredible journey that I thoroughly enjoy. I am the one who keeps everything fair and on time in terms of payments and rewards. Urban CGI has been instrumental in shaping my professional life, providing invaluable opportunities to learn and grow. I’m proud to be part of a team that values integrity in all areas, including fair pay and support to our staff. I work hard to work with clients so they pay us fairly and on time, and all the records and details are clear and simple.

I love my career here and love what we do – making a positive impact on the world.

Jeremy Jones – CGI Projects Administrator

Hi. Just wanted to share how much I absolutely love working in project administration with Urban CGI. I am like the glue that holds everything together in a bustling, collaborative workplace. I am given responsibility and trust to keep the myriad project facets rolling, being delivered on time and signed off, from project set-up through delivery and close-out, ensuring a smooth implementation.

I thrive on meeting project goals, delivering on time and within budget, and seeing the satisfaction on clients’ faces. But I must say, the satisfaction of being around this pool of fantastic talent is like a dream come true. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Queenie Ramos – CGI People Enabler

“I am all about our people and our team. I can’t tell you enough what a beautiful family we have here at Urban CGI. This job is an incredibly fulfilling journey I am grateful to be a part of. I am here to help everyone be their best self and help people in need. I focus heavily on culture and bringing new talent into the business that meets the standards and attitudes we expect.

Witnessing the growth and development of our team brings me great satisfaction. At the end of the day, It’s not just a job; it’s an opportunity to build connections, support growth, and create a friendly and vibrant work environment delivering something great to the world.”

Jerikko Francisco – CGI ICT Systems Executive

Hi. I absolutely adore working at Urban CGI. I am the behind-the-scenes super-hero, ensuring smooth operations and keeping the team and our clients running like a well-oiled machine. However, I don’t wear a cape at work 🙂 I am the guy you call when anything is wrong in any ICT system, and I will get you back online in seconds and minutes – from software to hardware assets. I also have a whole team of ICT professionals behind me on call for the heavy lifting of deep systems, server rollouts, security and maintenance – I keep it all running on point. We’ve never had a security issue, and we are always online!

Seeing the impact of my work at Urban CGI brings me immense satisfaction. It’s a career that combines my passion for amazing technology with my desire to be part of something bigger.

Angel Brown Urban CGI Executive Assistant for Marketing

Angel Brown – CGI Marketing Professional

Hi. I’m Angel, and my job is to be across all public-facing systems to support our incredible team here at Urban CGI, engage with our customers and tell our amazing story. I adore working here and have been given autonomy to develop the programme, retain and manage talent and keep everything on target. We are building an incredible world-changing product across the whole world, and this is a huge opportunity for me to step in at the front end. It’s a real honour to work here.

I have two young children who keep me and my partner busy outside work. I love having the work-life flexibility Urban CGI offers to live a great life.

Maria Glenn – CGI Technical Database Specialist

“Urban CGI is one of the best companies I’ve worked with in my entire career, not to mention the quality learnings I gained here from my role. I ensure that our systems and accounts are well-tracked, managed, and updated on our integrated platforms, with no information falling between the cracks. I help our Customer Success Team generate quality experiences through our systems for quality support. It’s a pleasure to be engaged in a team I know I have a huge contribution to.

I will forever be grateful to Urban CGI for their trust and for giving me room for growth. This job is such a huge help for my career growth and ability to provide for my family.”

Nick Ryan Commercial Admin

Nick Ryan – CGI Projects Administrator

I can’t express enough how much I love my role as a Commercial Admin at Urban CGI!. It’s like being the driving force in a dynamic, collaborative ecosystem. Supporting diverse teams provides me with an immersive understanding of the business’s many dimensions. Managing project setup and ensuring flawless execution keeps me engaged and motivated. Accomplishing project goals promptly and economically, and seeing clients’ delight, is truly fulfilling.

Surrounded by Urban CGI’s exceptional talent pool, I find endless inspiration. The abundant opportunities for professional growth make every day a rewarding step forward.

Zoraya Lua – CGI Creative AI Image Producer

“I love my role as a Creative AI Image Producer at Urban CGI! Crafting captivating AI imagery for marketing materials is not only creatively fulfilling but also integral to showcasing Urban CGI’s vision to our clients. The dynamic environment encourages constant professional growth, with opportunities to explore cutting-edge AI technologies. Collaborating with a talented team makes each day inspiring and enjoyable.

Urban CGI’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation truly sets it apart. I’m proud to contribute to a company that values employee development and client satisfaction.

Kim Argo – CGI Junior Copywriter

Working as a copywriter at Urban CGI has been an absolute dream. I have the privilege of creating compelling content as I dive into exciting projects that challenge my creativity and push me to improve constantly. I love my role, which allows me to enjoy a great work-life balance in a goal-driven environment. The collaborative space at Urban CGI encourages me to stretch my creative boundaries and deliver exceptional work.

I am grateful for the experiences and the fun, supportive people I work with.

RV Santiago – 3D QA/Documenter

I absolutely love my work at Urban CGI as a 3D QA/Documenter. It’s a thrilling role where I test every facet of interactive models and hardware compatibility. I’m the guy who stress-tests menus, interactions, and edge cases to spot and document bugs. The best part? I get to grow professionally with a talented and supportive team.

As someone with a programming and game design background, this job is a dream come true. It’s an incredible journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Urban CGI’s success

Stephen Hidalgo – Unreal Technical Artist

I’m truly passionate about my role at Urban CGI, where I bridge the gap between code and visual design I work closely with the production and programming teams, ensuring that our stunning visuals not only look amazing but also perform seamlessly. It’s a perfect blend of creativity and tech.

What’s truly exceptional is the support for personal and professional growth. Urban CGI values work-life balance, which has been a game-changer for me. It’s a place where I thrive, and I’m proud to contribute to the fantastic work we do every day.

Joe Halls – Reputation Management Specialist

Working as a Reputation Management Specialist is a true labour of love. I’m the one who ensures our online presence shines. My daily gig involves responding thoughtfully to both cheers and criticisms about the company, and I do it all with care. But what truly sets Urban CGI apart is their dedication to my growth, both professionally and personally.

Here, it’s not just about work – it’s about finding that perfect balance between a fulfilling career and a vibrant life outside the office. I’ve found an exciting workplace together with an amazing team.

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