Interactive 3D Design Development

Design development with us is an interactive, real-time 3D, collaborative, agile development process. Together, we conceptualise, optioneer, masterplan, prototype and develop an integrated, simulated, verifiable and measurable concept design in-context.

No more clunky processes. No more rebuilds, redesigns, lengthy timelines, consultant variations, ignoring context, or 2D and illegible drawings. Develop plans >10x faster, easier and smarter.

The Problems with standard Design Development.

Schematic/concept design is a crucial stage in any infrastructure or civil project. It sets the direction and scope for the subsequent phases and influences the quality, cost, and timeline of the final outcome. However, many design processes are plagued by inefficiencies and limitations. 

According to a McKinsey construction report, poor schematic design results in up to 35% increase in costs and a 20% increase in project duration. 

Some of the common challenges faced by project managers in the schematic/concept design stage are:

Lack of Verifiability

The traditional methods are characterised by their lack of verifiability, making it difficult to assess the feasibility of proposed projects accurately. This can lead to unrealistic expectations, budget overruns, and design errors that require rework or compromise.

Slow and Costly Iterations 

A rigid engineering-led approach often results in slow decision-making and costly iterations. For example, a typical schematic/concept design process involves developing and iterating offline, by separate SMEs, then bringing them to a review meeting, discussing them, and taking them back offline. This can take weeks or months to reach a satisfactory level of detail and alignment. The more complex the scenario and the more stakeholders, the longer it takes. 


The CGI Simulator captures every aspect of a site, facilitating collaboration among stakeholders with agile design in a photoreal CGI context.

Poor Collaboration and Communication 

The siloed nature of these processes inhibits collaboration and communication among stakeholders, leading to suboptimal outcomes. For instance, concepts developed in 2D or static 3D do not convey the full potential and impact of the projects, and fail to engage the clients and the community effectively.

Lack of Adaptability 

In a dynamic and uncertain environment, the inability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances becomes a significant drawback. For example, concepts developed without context or human-centric design means that community needs and aspirations are often overlooked or misunderstood, resulting in designs that are inappropriate or require retrofitting or rebuilding.

Resource Constraints 

Concept design is a resource-intensive activity that requires specialised skills and expertise. However, many organisations face capacity issues and high hourly rates for hiring external consultants who are stuck in the slow lane with maximised labour bookings.

These challenges can have serious implications for the success and sustainability of infrastructure and civil design projects.

Urban Interactive 3D Design Development.

Unlock Schematic Design with our Schematic Design Service and CGI Simulator. 

Efficient Real-time 3D Workshops

Conduct live 3D development and testing in context with SMEs. By integrating concepts in real-time workshops, you can save a staggering $32k per workshop with streamlined and engaging simulation sessions.

Streamlined Optioneering Meetings

Drastically reduce design meetings from 20 to just 2! This translates to a potential cost reduction from $100k to $10k per option. Plus the administration and disaggregated static presentations of old-school concept designers.

Simplified Interface Meetings 

Cut down the number of interface meetings from 10 to only 1 per issue. That’s a financial shift from $20k to just $2k per interface issue. The more interfaces you have, the time and cost savings compound. 

Revolutionised IDR Sessions

Transform interdisciplinary design reviews with dozens of participants into agile 3D SIM sessions. Experience rapid decision-making and live option testing during the Interdisciplinary Process (IDP) saving $100k’s per IDR.

Accelerated Progress Meetings

Switch to dynamic CGI SIM progress meetings. Directly upload models, optioneer in real-time, and make crucial decisions on the spot. Compress your program timeline by months and years.

Optimised Stakeholder Engagement

Minimise stakeholder meetings from 10 to just 1 per issue, resulting in a financial transition from $200k to $20k for 10 issues.

Enhanced Executive Presentations

Turn the tables on traditional executive presentations. By utilising the CGI SIM and our beautiful presentations, the cost is curtailed from $10k’s to $1k’s per presentation.

Seamless Site Planning

Move from spending 10’s hours on layout sketches to under 1 hour on our CGI SIM and tools. At $250ph for consultants across 20 stages, this can mean cost reductions from $50k to an astounding $5k per schema.

Drastic Reduction in Reworks

The SIM provides context-tested designs, substantially reducing the risk of expensive rebuilds. With an average rebuild costing $250k, anticipate savings of over $750k per project and months in your programme.

Expandable Application

Seamlessly extend the use of our CGI SIM to construction planning and site layout. Plus, use the SIM as an invaluable tool for inductions and training.

Invest in a solution that not only saves you time but also significantly reduces costs. Embrace our CGI Simulation service today and redefine the future of Schematic Design.

Benefits of our Design Development

Easy Verification
No more guesswork. Measurable 3D designs built directly on survey data.

10x Efficiency
Compress development timelines and engagement from months to hours.

Immediate Engagement
AAA-grade visual simulation to design, inform and engage across audiences.

Instant Shared Understanding
Keep everyone on the same page all the time and stop silo thinking.

Quick Decision-Making
Make informed decisions fast, adapting to questions and inputs needs live.

Reduce Redesign and Rebuild
Stop the rot of costly redesign and awkward reworks from poor processes.

On the Shoulders of Giants
Benefit from our decades of PhD level expertise and simulation development.

Intuitive Interfaces
Every interface is clear for analysis, negotiation, and optioneering.

Save Money
Proven to save money on expensive resources in the concept stage.

Features of our Design Development

Full-Service SIM
We sort everything out for you.
You just tell us what answers you need.  

Integrated Accuracy
100% accurate geo-positioned survey inputs power the schematic design SIM. 

Human Scale Assurance
Immersive 3D context space in 3rd person human scale assures integration.

Live SIM Workshops
Join us virtually or in-person to break free from offline planning and assumptions.

Parametric Planning
Our custom-built smart tools drive faster planning and testing, live in workshops.

Live Optioneering 
Click and compare options in real time from every perspective.

Simulated AI Agents
Vehicles, characters, weather, environment, rolling stock – integrated behaviours

Cloud SIM Viewer 
Explore your SIM in your own time.
No goggles. No special hardware.

Collaborative Development
We bring your stakeholders and SMEs on the journey to assure alignment.



Design Development Demo.

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