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Accelerate success with our Urban Approvals System. Watch as our live CGI simulation platform and tools in interactive workshops delivers agreement, understanding and progression faster than any method on the market.

We are so confident, we partner with select clients and take on risk to assure you win, fast.

We get your approvers, doubters, stakeholders and community 100% aligned quickly. With us, there will be no misunderstandings. Change anxieties melt away and you step through approval gateways efficiently.

Are your Approvals at risk?

The Criticality of Approvals

Approvals are the gateways to progress and prosperity across the spectrum. Without timely approvals, projects stall, budgets balloon, and reputations suffer.

The consequences of delays or absences in approvals are profound. Every day a project remains idle, there is a tangible financial drain and a mounting opportunity cost. Missed chances accumulate, and with budgets in the billions, even a single day’s delay can equate to substantial amounts of wasted capital, resources, and workforce energy.

The spectrum of approvals is diverse, ranging from the ‘social licence’ to essential formal and informal approvals from local bodies, regulatory agencies, internal stakeholders, and executives. Even small approvals in meetings or communications can impact a project.

The reputational ramifications of stalled or derailed projects, especially when they come under public scrutiny, can be lasting. Delays or complications due to approval challenges can sow doubt in the minds of investors, stakeholders, and the broader public. Such erosion of trust can deter future investments and partnerships.

Delays in approvals bring compounded risks, such as increased costs, resource misallocation, and potential project feasibility issues. These multiplying risks can make obtaining future approvals harder, creating a chain reaction.

From 20 years to 20 days to get a complex approval through the council, executive and the community.

The prompt acquisition of approvals is paramount in the infrastructure and construction sector. Approval delays or absence can have wide-reaching repercussions, spanning financial, reputational, and logistical domains. In a sector defined by its tight schedules and elevated stakes, a smooth and swift approval process is indispensable.

The Paucity of Tools

Despite their criticality, there is a paucity of tools and services to bring people on the journey, answer all the questions in a believable fashion, and create a live workshop and presentation environment to create collaborative development.

3D BIM and CAD are not ideal tools for this purpose. They are static, clunky, complex and don’t scale well, making it difficult to communicate complex concepts in a dynamic and engaging way. 

A new generation of tools and solutions is needed that can help project teams navigate the hundreds and thousands of bespoke conversations required in the approval process with confidence and efficiency. 

The prompt acquisition of approvals is paramount in the infrastructure and environment sectors. Their delays or absence can have wide-reaching repercussions, spanning financial, reputational, and logistical domains. 

Benefits of our Approvals System

Rapid Decision-Making
Radically condense approval timelines
for complex solutions and integrations.

Reduce Design Costs
Reduces technical re-work and timelines by getting concepts right in context.

Live Optioneering
High-fidelity, real-time, measurable option development in environment context.

Easy Engagement
Clear, shared understanding and alignment among diverse stakeholders.

Accurate Verifications
Live, measurable validations assure stakeholders of the real impacts.

Real-time Revisions
Adjust many parameters in live workshops to optimise project variables.

Provable Presentations
Elevate your reputation and assurance with live 3D Sim demonstrations.

Cohesive Collaboration
Seamless team and cross-discipline integration from 3D visual workflows.

Communication Clarity
All ambiguities eliminated with project Sim across geometry and behaviours.

Our Approvals accelerate outcomes for you

Accelerating Project Approvals with CGI Simulations

Our project approvals solution leverages CGI simulations to help you achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Our simulations provide a collaborative environment for stakeholders to interact with complex projects in a AAA real-time setting. This allows project teams to identify and address potential approval challenges early on, avoiding costly delays and disruptions down the road.

Financial Benefits

By identifying and addressing potential approval challenges early on, CGI simulations can help to avoid costly delays and disruptions. Additionally, CGI simulations can help to reduce the reliance on external design and technical consulting services, which can further reduce costs.

Reputational Benefits

CGI simulations demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to innovation, transparency and efficiency. This can boost stakeholder confidence and make it easier to secure approvals from skeptical or hesitant entities. Additionally, an efficient and modern approval process can elevate an organisation’s brand image. Many our clients have achieved major career benefits through their innovative approach and faster outcomes.

Operational and Strategic Benefits

CGI simulations help to improve project understanding and reduce the need for late-stage alterations. Additionally, the immersive nature of CGI simulations can help to cut down on back-and-forth communication and drive up productivity.

The clarity and transparency we bring to your project leads to a number of benefits, including:

Reduced delays: By identifying and addressing potential approval challenges early on, our simulations can help clients to reduce delays significantly.

Lower opportunity costs: By avoiding costly delays, our simulations can help clients to save millions of dollars on their projects.

Enhanced stakeholder engagement: Our simulations provide a collaborative environment for stakeholders to interact with complex projects in a real-time setting. This helps to build trust and consensus, leading to smoother and more efficient approvals.

Improved decision-making: Our simulations provide project teams with valuable insights into the potential impacts of different approval scenarios. This helps them to make informed decisions that maximise their chances of success.

Our simulation services are proven to help reduce the money and time spent on negotiations, consultants, technicians, legal discussions and court confrontations.

We empower you with awesome technology that makes everything clear and help you optioneer and optimise your way to a rapid positive outcomes and approvals in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional means. 

If you are looking for a way to accelerate your project approvals, engage Urban CGI for simulation suitability analysis. We will work with you to develop a customised solution that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Features of our Approvals System

Accurate Geometry 
Survey and engineering precision environments, features and components.

Full Service
Facilitated process to make it easy for your approvals from start to end.

AAA Visual Quality
Immersive AAA game quality visuals of environments, materials and assets.

Behavioural Intelligence
 Smart vehicles, rolling stock, pedestrian flows, swept paths and more.

Scalable Simulations
Zoom from millimetre to kilometre instantly to answer questions live.

Integrated Infrastructure
Surface, sub-surface assets, utilities and transport systems with options.

Custom Solutions
Our simulation and software engineers built the tech to your needs.

Integrated Physics
Mimic and predict real-world behaviours, interactions and movements.

Infinite Imagery
Limitless, fast, low-cost, AAA-grade, accurate, 3D images and video.

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