Railway Coupling

Training at the tip of your fingers

Our online CGI Coupling Trainer® is a simulated, micro-credentialled and LMS-linked training experience.

A 3D interactive touchscreen training that reduces rostering and travel costs to zero and achieves 100% consistency, all without stepping into the depot.

Coupling Training Challenges

Coupling / decoupling is one of the two primary procedures in train operations (train assembly, train driving). Coupling events may happen regularly per network, dozens of times a week, but rarely per driver, perhaps annually. Drivers may not have the opportunity to practice coupling and uncoupling regularly, which leads to skills degradation and safety and compliance breaches.

Coupling and uncoupling is a complex procedure, with variables including rear or front assist, mechanical or electric, as well as different train types, weather, with or without passengers, at platform or not.  The procedure includes multiple sub-procedures including safely exiting cabs, radio protocols and train control communications. 

Safety: Lack of regular practice enables skills degradation and safety breaches

Duration & Cost: Traditional training methods can take up to 4 hours per driver, plus travel time and overtime

Resource Efficiency: Training hundreds of drivers per year – operators, trainers and drivers

Data Inputs: Connectivity with Learning Management System (CMS/LMS)

Compliance & Regularity: Compliance lags with new regulations

What About VR? Expensive and time-consuming, bulky and prone to cause dizziness

Introducing our CGI Coupling Trainer® Solution

Our online CGI Coupling Trainer® is a comprehensive touchscreen solution that requires nothing but a standard computer, mouse and keyboard. It is a browser-based interactive CGI training tool that helps drivers learn training procedures in a realistic and immersive environment with continual clear feedback.

The CGI Coupling Trainer® process includes hazard identification, cabin exit, component identification, and safety-critical communication protocols to ensure that drivers are fully prepared for all aspects of the coupling and uncoupling process.

Scalability: A comprehensive, trusted and effective solution for railway coupling and uncoupling training

Value: Offers several benefits for both railway operators and learners, including improved safety, compliance, efficiency, convenience, feedback and affordability

Integration: Fits into our suite of training tools to support industrial organisations to improve safety, efficiency and competence in resource-constrained workforces 

CGI Coupling Trainer® Features

3D Visual Learning
Captivating and precise interactive 3D visualisation engages learners

Unlimited Concurrent Users
No bottlenecks by training class sizes or physical devices

Access Anywhere
Setup in any depot on any PC – or let trainees access from anywhere 

Use Depot Downtime
Training is on computers at your depot between shifts. No travel needed

Live direct link to Learning / Competency Management System via API

20-Minute Training 
Fast, intuitive, and accessible training allows continuous accreditation

Any number of data points for precise learning analysis and trainee feedback

Mapped to Regulations
Training mapped to national competencies for compliance and authorisation

Leader Boards
Create friendly rivalry between trainees to improve organisation performance

CGI Coupling Trainer® Benefits

Reduced Rostering
Reduce expenses with fewer meetings, re-works and revisions

Increase Footplate Time
Keep drivers productive with less distraction with training travel

Increased Retention
Faster recovery when trains are disabled with highly confident staff

Better Procedural Retention 
Interactive challenges and AAA visuals enhance recall and confidence

Less Demand on Trainers 
Reduce costs and demands on stretched trainers and key staff

Much Less Admin
Nothing to organise. Trainees access anytime and it’s all linked live

100% Compliant
Reduce admin and regulatory burden with auditable and compliant training

Resource Efficiency
Costs go down and resource capacity increases through hyper-efficient training

Accelerated Competence
Move new and experienced staff up the competency ladder quickly

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