Stakeholder Engagement

Every $1 on Urban CGI delivers

10x faster progression / 10x less repetition.

If you are spending months or millions on engaging stakeholder to reduce their anxiety, get cut-through, win a bid, grow sales, explain complex concepts – then you might consider CGI stakeholder engagement.

Why Urban CGI for stakeholder engagement?

Urban CGI helps you engage your audience to tell your story in minutes and seconds, rather than months and years. Founded in 2002, we have 20 years of experience across thousands of projects and outputs.

Urban CGI has capability across scripting, storyboards, animatics, blocking, 3D production, videography, live shoots including chopper and drones, audio, V/O, VFX, post-production and interactive technology.

Engaging with CGI narratives

The core of good engagement is the narrative, the clarity of message.

Great companies like Apple, Nike or Tiffany spend big on narrative advertising, because it works. Multi-billion dollar revenues are built from great communications. This is what we can do for you.

Our campaigns have delivered billions of dollars in growth. We have helped move the minds of millions. We have helped transform cultures and behaviours in complex industries and organisations. We have helped influence specific key stakeholders to support projects.

Three steps in CGI engagement development


The term ‘pre-production’ is the key process to developing a narrative and message. It is a unique and powerful skill that can forms the communications campaign. It requires time, conversation and consideration with a structured professional process to build the message, create the framing, distil the story and create a succinct script.

Think about the movie and cinema business. All cinematographic movies have enormous pre-production processes that may build the entire movie as an ‘animatic’ – a low-resolution 3D version – with every camera move, camera type, angle and word planned well in advance of set setup.


After pre-production and storyboarding, you move to ‘production’ – which is the process to take that storyboard, script and concept into full production, to build it out in glorious detail. If you jump into production without quality pre-production, you outcome will suffer.


Post-production is refining and polishing the production elements into a concise quality product and may include colour grading, and fine-tuning visual and soundscape edits to lift the production quality to A-grade.


“I personally have recommended Urban CGI to the National Planning Enquiry in Canberra as a leading innovator and provider of planning methodologies as a new model for producing great outcomes in Australia. Urban CGI provided world-leading services for the AirPort Link job that helped provide a design driven result.”

Sue Holliday | Managing Director – Strategies for Change
“We now continuously wow the public with project visions of the future. Thanks, Urban CGI.”

Peter De Luca | Director Corporate Affairs – Rail Delivery Agency