Digital Railways for Planning, Signalling and Rail Pilot Training

From signalling plans to space proving, rail pilot training to block of lines and shutdowns, slew alignments to whistle boards, we help rail projects and operations.

UC Planning for Rail

Rail Simulation Training Videos

UC Planning for Railways – clients

Railway client logos

Urban CGI Railway use cases

Rail alignments, station developments, yard layouts, interchange and precinct iterative design-planning support; project engagement and briefings including ministerial, executive, funding, crew and community; Rail Signal Sighting planning, verification, audits and reviews; Rail pilot and train controller visual briefings in Operational Readiness including route familiarisation, inductions and testing; Rail operations and construction site safety training and inductions; Human Factors design review and verification; Works planning – alignments, stations, precincts, portals, interfaces; Complex data management and the conversion of data to knowledge through integration and visibility…

Rail – live video examples

3D Rail Glenroy short walk (2.30m) – demonstrating:

  • full design-survey integration
  • survey and engineering accuracy
  • integrated 3d tools and overlays
  • ease of use & updated graphics

Rail CLU scenario selector (38m) demonstrating:

  • multiple route scenarios (22 in all)
  • integrated 3D planning and training
  • stability of product
  • integrity and easy of use

3D Signal Planning update by Dr. Ben Guy 2022 demonstrating:

  • parametric signal planning
  • centreline (spline) based development planning
  • editor based controls

3D CLU Scenario 21 real-time follow and cabin view – demonstrating:

  • route map with locator synchronised with 3D geospatial and signals
  • crossovers, signals and points
  • multi-view of rolling stock
  • integrated 3D planning and training

3D Rail for CSR Commissioning by Dr. Ben Guy (8m) – demonstrating:

3D Hallam user instructions by Dr. Ben Guy (10m) – demonstrating:

  • route map with locator synchronised with 3D geospatial and signals
  • multi-view of rolling stock
  • integrated 3D planning and training
  • asset placer and assets
  • wayfinding and access

3D full Rail walkthrough Hallam (59m) – demonstrating:

  • end to end integration
  • survey and engineering accuracy
  • integrated 3d tools and overlays
  • ease of use & extendibility

3D Rail Asset Place Greensb – demonstrating:

  • existing conditions integration
  • access planning and testing
  • asset placing and transform
  • ease of use

 3D Rail LX CD9 egress walk – demonstrating:

  • full design-survey integration
  • access planning and testing
  • rolling stock behaviours
  • assurance and validation
  • updatability and extendability

3D Rail Planning design Packenham – demonstrating:

  • constructability testing and proving
  • faster planning than alternate means
  • capture of data including lidar
  • integrated analysis and issue capture

3D Rail Commissioning Planning – demonstrating:

  • planned and verifiable work fronts
  • integration of team into clear 3D plan
  • proving of timing across work fronts

3D Rail Human Factors Planning – demonstrating:

  • Commissioning Development for Ground Based Warning System.
  • Support the rail operator managing complex conversations
  • Rapid resolution of previously prolonged negotiations

Urban Infrastructure Integration and Review – LX CD9

3D Rail alignments and precincts with our agile 3D model for enhanced planning, communications and training.

3D Planning Metro Rail

Example of 3D Planning technology used in Melbourne Metro.

UC Rail Training

3D Rail CLU Driver Training Scenario 6

3D Rail CLU Driver Training Scenario 10

3D Rail Glenroy – Driver Training Scenario 1

  • inclinometer and speed feedback
  • signalling precision
  • contextual integration for familiarisation

3D Rail Hallam – Metrol Train Controller Training Scenario 8

  • overview camera for track awareness
  • highlighted circuits
  • integrated design and context

UC Training – Construction in VR

MTP construction alliance sought Virtual Reality (VR) for a immersive experience to accelerate induction training time-frames and competency.

360 video. Use mouse or finger to move the camera while it is playing. Very cool!

UC Communications for Rail…

LXRA Mernda line showing train overpass

Comms Leadership

Hear from one of our clients who has been relying on our services for years to drive communications, engagement, understanding and betterment of rail outcomes.

Testimonial by Peter De Luca, Director of Corporate Affairs, Rail Agency

Announcements – on time

With complex projects, bidding and probity arrangements, major projects like the Caulfield to Dandenong upgrade for the Level Crossing Removal Authority relied on us to get the job done in very pressing timeframes to set the vision for the future.

Vision Announcement for complex elevated rail project

Communicate in Context

When you are disrupting a traffic network, affecting tens of thousands of people every day – you need to keep people engaged and information – and no better way to do it than like this! Is it any wonder the Melbourne Metro team are famous for their professional engagement – supported by us.

Road and Traffic Disruptions Informational Animation

More Engagement = More Influence

Production value so high it was up-branded and made front and centre in the Transport for New South Wales customer service headquarters main screen, at the request of the transport minister.

Great credibility for the client who became increasingly trusted and influential through great communications.

More Trains More Services Briefing and Engagement Animation

Construction disruptions

A concise animation regarding the complex task of construction a new metro station in the middle of Melbourne’s busiest urban environments. Delivered on-point, on-time and to-budget.

Metro Tunnel – John Holland Group Domain Construction Sequence

Construction Staging

Early Works Staging and CBD Disruption Messaging.

Responsively communicating the urban disruptions and arrangements from complex construction works is critical to get exactly right in detail, in process and in delivery time-frames. You can count on us to get it right. for you.

Early works construction sequencing demonstration

UC Rolling Stock Design

We often ‘concept design’ rolling stock, stations and portals to facilitate project advancement. For Suburban Rail Loop, we provide the connection between design and engagement to support the client to develop solutions and deliver messaging on time and on budget.

Community Hub Engagement

Engagement hub technology provided for the Melbourne Metro HQ on Swanston Street.

When the Melbourne Metro Tunnel client wanted a first-class engagement hub on the main street of the city, with reliable, high quality and engaging tools to inform and inspire confidence – they turned to us. We built videos, images, virtual reality and touch-free engagement games to inform about urban disruptions – very popular game with staff and visitors.

Melbourne Metro Tunnel HQ Engagement Centre

Just the Ticket!

When Public Transport Victoria needed to inform and engage millions of public transport users in Victoria with a clear, simple message on the changes to the Myki Card – they turned to us to script, direct, capture, animate and deliver a quality informational video on time and to budget. One of a series of five videos.

Public ticketing informational animation

Animated Announcements

When the Level Crossings (LX) Removal Authority needed a true to design, perfectly crafted animated message to inform and build confidence in the community – they looked to us to support the urban design integrated review with our 3D technology, engage internal stakeholders, then build a story delivered on time perfectly on-message.

Carrum Seaford LXRA Announcement Animation

More Comms = More Mindshare

Clients rely on us to get the concept right, and develop the conceptual designs before they are full resolved – because communication needs to occur early and often to be successful. Here are two variants used by the rail authority at different times and on different platforms – providing extra value per client dollar.

Mernda Rail Extension Early Communication Animation – short
Mernda Rail Extension Early Communication Animation – long

2D Explainers

When the rail authority needed to explain the sensitivities of removing trees around construction works – they asked us to get the message perfectly right and delivered on time and to budget.

Rationale for Tree Removal in construction explained

Show the future

Communicating and demonstrating exactly the right story to your community and stakeholders is critical. Clients rely on us for years because we always get it right and delivery on time.

Station upgrade announcement

Augmented Engagement

When the Metro Rail project wanted to engage with customers in the street, on the footpath where the rail would run – especially during all the disruptions – they turned to us for ideas. We built an innovative augmented reality application for the phone – that opens up the footpath right above where the metro trains will be running. Audience engaged!

Augmented Reality Engagement for Metro Rail

High Capacity Comms

Delivering the message of longer, bigger, better trains and the impacts on stations and works requirements.

High capacity trains explanation animation

Explain the Network

You can rely on our team to interpret and add value to complex technical thinking. We convert design thinking into clear and concise communication products that advance careers and project time-frames by creating trusted, shared understanding, fast.

Rail Network Explanation Animation

PPP Explanations

Critically important announcements require reliable delivery for on-time engagement on multi-billion dollar projects.

Melbourne Metro Public Private Partnership Announcement Animation

Pictures say 1000 words….

Videos say millions

Convert 1000-page reports to simplicity and clarity. When you need your business case for spending billions understood by millions of people – you can rely on our team to get the message and delivery right.

Business Case Executive Summary Animation

Rail Announcements

Very early in the project, when designs were limited but intentions were clear – clients rely on us to interpret and communicate planning intentions and concept drawings to build and communicate the vision of the future to win hearts and minds.

Level Crossings Project Introduction Communication

Community Engagement

“Name our TBM”.

Ever more options for social, community and stakeholder engagement from the same set of digital assets. Great value, delivered on time.

Plan and Communicate

This fly-through allows key stakeholders, both internal and external, to visualise and understand the differing parts of this project, as well as its varied impacts. Through communicating the need and outcome of major transport projects, the impactees are brought on the journey and are informed along to way – creating greater community support.

Qld TMR Fly-Through of the Gold Coast Light Rail to Burleigh Heads

Explain your Value for Money

The Northern Sydney Freight Corridor (NSFC) Program four key projects – Epping to Thornleigh Third Track, Gosford Passing Loops, North Strathfield Rail Underpass and Hexham Passing Loop – have a value over $1bn.

The project summary communicator provided an overview of the NSFC to demonstrate the project’s outcomes and benefits to ministers and key stakeholders. The client’s challenge was they were so efficient in project delivery, key stakeholders did not understand what-how-why they actually did. The competence needed to be communicated.

Return on Investment explained

Rail Logistics Explanations

This animation included the project cost, works done, innovative solutions, return on investment and project benefits. Inputs included rail track alignment design files, ground digital survey, aerial photography, location of signals and overhead wiring structures, video footage and images. A longer animation included time-lapse, helicopter footage, motion graphics, overlays and 3d text integrated with footage.

Client benefits include understanding of project works and outcomes for key decision makers and stakeholders plus reputation and brand advancements for the team and organisation.

Clarify Complexity

The Inland Rail project covers thousands of kilometres and requires many landscape alterations to produce an effective outcome. Our team is trusted to visualise large portions of the project for quality and delivery assurance. By integrating existing transport routes, proposed developments and future infrastructure – we facilitate the optioneering of routes and the exploration of impact solutions in real-time. Our facilitation of technical projects allows key stakeholders to deeply comprehend impacts and make informed decisions.

Fast Forward Freight

Inland Rail project fly-through from the NSW Border to Gowrie. Through visualising and modelling this massive project, key stakeholders have been able to understand intricate aspects and the impacts of this important project.

Inland Rail project fly-through from the NSW Border to Gowrie

Penultimate Programme Previews

Overview animations of the Lidcombe to Granville Corridor Upgrade Program (LGCUP). Our clients trust us to communicate their story and the vital messages of a project. Conceptualising projects to perfectly communicate the logistics and relevant information. With the ever growing diversity of communication and media formats, we customise our visual tools to fit your needs. Bespoke videos and visual solutions allow for greater brand awareness and engagement with your needs.