CGI Signalling Simulations

We have proven over many projects to be able to deliver signalling assurance, sighting approvals and driver training in much less time, with much greater certainty and collaboration than any other method.  

We have proven this against all other suppliers and especially Tier 1 and 2 engineering firms. If you need answers, assurance, confidence, collaboration and progress quickly, get in touch. 

Are your Signalling Approvals unsightly?

Rail signal planning and optimisation is a complex process with major consequences across time, cost and safety for incorrect decision-making. Multiple rail projects have failed to deliver on time due to failures in signalling planning and approvals.

As the complexity of rail environments increases, the difficulty and intricacies of the planning and approvals process compounds. As the number of interfaces, stages and stakeholders increases, the rail signal planning and approval process comes under increasing pressure for approvals in constrained timeframes.

Spatial complexities include terrains, vegetation and sightlines, headways, multi-modal connections, gradients and curves, interfaces with pedestrian access or freight corridors, operations and maintenance access, overlaps with other signalling systems and ETCS, sub-surface elements, tunnels, bridges, temporary works, built forms, gantries and other rail assets, glare, lighting and environment issues. 

Errors and oversights in rail signalling has serious time, cost and safety consequences. Impacts include constructability, rebuilds and reworks, delays to commissioning, train driver sighting and revolt, maintenance and safety across users and assets. 

Rail signal sighting and planning errors are all too common. They cause increased costs, delays, rebuilds and can have severe reputation and customer service impacts.

From 6 months of confusion and consternation using CAD, SAPs and Revizto - to complete clarity in 30 minutes with Urban CGI Signalling.

Standard rail signal sighting processes for planning and approvals include 2D schematics and sometimes 3D CAD or BIM models. These can cause major difficulties including:

Difficulty visualizing complex arrangements in constrained and dynamic railway environments such as junctions and stations with intricate multi-signal arrangements. 

Schematic diagrams can lead to errors and misunderstandings that compromise safety or performance.

Schematics make it difficult to understand how signals, tracks, and components interact in real three-dimensional space. This can lead to incorrect signal placement or unclear signalling.

The use of technocratic language, symbols, and notations in 2D schematics make it difficult to communicate effectively among varied stakeholders to win approvals.

3D CAD or BIM visualisations (such as Revizto, Revit or NavisWorks) provide low detail, cartoon-like 3D models which lack the fidelity to give confidence. Outputs from 3D CAD/BIM tools have led to major errors in decisions and breakdowns in trust between builders and operators, causing years of delay.

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Live Parametric Signalling in the Urban CGI Simulation Platform


How CGI Signalling Simulations save the day

Signal Sighting, Signal Planning, Signal Optimisation and Signal Sighting Approvals are transformed from “months to minutes” with our CGI Signalling platform. How does it work?

We upload your local signalling rules into our parametric signalling simulation platform and you get to precisely edit, move, sight, review, discuss, measure, optioneer and optimise your signalling layouts in AAA photoreal CGI space.

The result is immediate 100% clarity and confidence by all stakeholders in exactly the signalling arrangement in context, with all the rules and physics integrated. There is no guesswork required because it is a photo-real, accurate, measurable and parametric CGI Simulation. 

CGI Simulation workshops are delivered virtually or in-person on a screen. No goggles, no simulators. Dial in on Teams or Zoom etc.

Your team direct us to make any number of changes to any and all elements as required. In real time. This includes all track furniture, signals, signage, lighting arrangements, ladders, mast heights and widths, backplate radii, gantry positions, signal cages, axle counters, belize etc. 

There is no waiting. No rendering. it is live AAA quality, physics-based CGI Simulation.

Signalling arrangements are derived and offset in three dimensions from the track control line – which can be provided by designers for new track (or we can make it). We often make the control lines for existing tracks. 

You get a Signal Sighting Dashboard to give clear measurements and assurance of visibility from the driver view position. Dashboard metrics often include signal distance from driver position, time in seconds to signal based on track speed, signal name, camera height, signal height etc. We customise it to your exact needs.  

As required, we include the DKE (Dynamic Kinematic Envelope), Structure Gauge, pantograph sweeps, sub-surface assets, retaining walls, foundations , oncoming traffic (eg trains), LiDAR, survey, photogrammetry, vegetation, terrain and anything you require to make complex signalling decisions faster.

The workflow is – edit the signal positions; then jump into the cabin for the exact driver view and speed; drive the track; change the lighting, the sun position, the weather; optimise the signals further, and reiterate. It all happens live.

Signalling optimisations and reviews that are taking rail designers and engineering consultants months and years, are being done in days and weeks across projects, railways and countries. 

See some features and benefits below.

Features of CGI Signalling Simulations

AAA Visual Quality

AAA Visual Quality
Photo realistic real time CGI Simulation live signalling workshops

3D Constraint Overlays
Include DKE, Structure Gauge etc as 3D shapes for live clash analysis.

Full 3D Context
Use any quality 3D Scan as background – photogrammetry or LiDAR.

Live CGI Workshops
We set up the system and run workshops for you to plan and decide, live. 

Rapid Deployment
10-30 business days to deploy.
Accelerations available.

Clear Dashboards
Critical elements on clear dashboard. Distances, timing, signal numbers..

Measurable & Accurate
3D geospatial outputs as plans, image, video, and metrics like chainage, kms, northing/easting…

Additive Algorithms
Add any signalling elements to parameters from axle counters to belize, C-lights to signage.

Lighting Conditions
Local sunrise, sunset, day/night lighting.
Glare, reflections and adjacent lighting.

Benefits of CGI Signalling Simulations

Reduce Time Lines
From months to minutes.
Win approvals often in real time.

Instant Confidence 
Remove friction, doubt and distrust. Measurable, live, accurate realistic 3D.  

Infinite Variations
All elements configurable and movable.
Greater nuance and intel, live.

Save Design Time 
Keep scarce resources on core work.
Save repeat design and fees.

Stop Re-builds & Over-builds
Prevent errors early that cause wrong builds, re-builds and over-builds.

Unblock The Programme
Quick clarity across signals gets the works programme moving again. No delays.  

Fast Approvals
Reduce doubt and uncertainty. Win signalling approvals 10x faster.

Low Cost Setup
Start with just a scan and a control line. Instantly move to 3D Signal Sighting. 

Cost Positive
Every day delay costs money.
Pays for itself within weeks.

CGI Signalling Simulators


Simulate the Future of your Signals.

Message to us today to get an understanding of the ROI you can achieve with CGI SIMs for signalling.