Property Sales Virtual Tours on Digital Map Tables

Last Updated on June 9, 2023

The client is Australia’s largest residential community creator. Their goal is to shape communities that thrive now and in the future by focusing on placemaking, liveability and building sustainable communities. Integral to this strategy is early engagement with prospective home buyers, empowering them to visualise the future vision of the community development and the amenity that will be available to them once construction works have been completed. Use property sales virtual tours on massive touch screen digital map tables has boosted the sales and engagement process.

This service links to our Urban CGI interactive Virtual Tours service and technology.

Client challenge in Property Sales

A key area that the client was looking to improve is their sales and marketing processes, which is largely paper based. This includes issuing marketing handouts of the masterplan community and house and land packages, such as floor plans, lot availability, pricing information and contracts.

This process can be frustrating for sales staff and confusing for prospective home buyers to navigate at a time when they are looking to make a significant investment. The client was seeking to improve the quality of their interaction and engagement with customers, while empowering them to understand the masterplan community vision better.

Furthermore, property markets, customers and digital technology change substantially over the 5-20 year period that community developments are planned, designed and constructed. We demonstrated to the client how both challenges could be achieved using an adaptive digital solution. 

Solution: Property Sales Virtual Tours

The Digital Map Table solution solved the immediate challenges while creating a legacy product that can be enhanced and adapted as the company and its communities develop. The solution is comprised of a feature toolbox available to a range of stakeholders, from the Sales Professional and Development Manager through to potential customers. The solution is made up of multiple components that culminate in a visually rich and engaging digital experience.

Urban CGI Virtual Tour technology

At the centre of the Digital Map Table is an interactive and detailed 3D model of the future masterplan community. It interfaces with an application that is intuitive and user friendly and uses common touch gestures identical to smart phones and tablets that people use every day. The application is presented to the user on a 65-inch touch screen panel enabling a visually rich array of content and options for interaction, providing the ability for single or multiple users to experience or converse around.

Some of the features include:

  • 360 views and videos – Fly through the future community.
  • ‘Points of Interest’ markers – Find out more about amenities and view brochures, photos and video galleries.
  • Searching – Criteria-based search for house and land packages.
  • Measuring and way finding – Measure point to point distances and find the shortest routes (e.g. from desired lot to closest school or local amenity).
  • Information capture – Add markers, leave comments and contact details.

Linked CMS Property Sales Data management on the cloud

The 3D application is connected to a cloud hosted content management system (CMS). The CMS enables central data management, publishing updates to the Digital Map Table on demand or to a schedule. For example, when a lot is sold, and its status is updated to unavailable. There is a user authentication and approvals process built in to ensure the content is appropriately managed and secure. The solution enables integration with existing databases to ensure efficient management of data and currency of information.

Results on Property Sales

The client has implemented the Digital Map Table solution at 10 community sites across Australia, providing the following results:

  • Competitive advantage over adjacent development sites.
  • Reduction in paper-based processes
  • Real-time sales and marketing collateral updates.
  • Enhanced customer understanding and communication of project vision.
  • Track customer interaction – 200hrs and 1900 sessions across 10 sites (6-month period).

“Impressed by the agility of the system to support updating of their sales collateral, this solution can update content via the web in a matter of minutes, as opposed to our previous solution” Minta Community – Client Sales Professional

“Blown away by the detail and visuals you put together – great work guys!”  Grandview Community – Client Community Marketing Manager

Digital Map Table Features

Client in sales office demonstrating the product and its interface in a complex sales process.

“Impressed by the agility of the system to support updating of our sales collateral, this solution can update content via the web in a matter of minutes, as opposed to our previous solution.”

Minta Community, Housing Sales Professional

Sales and engagement kiosk internal model of the development area and the local facilities such as outdoor playgrounds
Sales and engagement kiosk showing the internal model and the natural landscapes of Stocklands development area
Sales and engagement kiosk internal model of the development area and the local facilities such as outdoor playgrounds
Sales and engagement kiosk showing internal model of the Stockland development head sales office
Sales and engagement kiosk showing internal model showing development boundaries

Typical Features

Core productReal-time rendering system connected to CMS.
Add on ModulesOptional based on scope
Streetview CameraGround level “Street view” style camera, including ability to drop markers in CMS for placement.
Flythrough Camera PathsPlayback of pre-made camera paths (with 360 pan functionality). Ability to upload pre-made cameras to CMS for distribution.
Straight MeasureMeasure straight distance between two points (as the crow flies)
Road MeasureMeasure distance along a road network. Includes ability to upload future road networks for querying.
Searchable AddressesIntegration with Google Maps places API. Find marker on a map, move camera to location. Add GMAPS API credentials to CMS.
Add feedback / capture detailsFeedback, comment and capture. Storage of details in CMS. Export of feedback via CSV. Online and offline storage of feedback.
Preview Pending ChangesAbility to load “Pending” changes version of a 3D model + content, as well as an “Approved” version.
User InterfaceUI that can be customised per project and site to your branding.
Offline SyncingFramework for Offline Syncing inherited by all modules. To manage syncing back data as updates occurs.
Aerial imagery tile loadingLoading of optimised Mapbox / Google Maps raster tiles as base layers and context.
Terrain elevation tile loadingLoading of optimised terrain elevation tiles
Photomesh LoadingLoading of tiled 3D Photomesh data, useful as 3D context
Bespoke Map Table FunctionalityPrice on request
Computer including setupWindows 10 Enterprise, nVidia GPU
Multi-Touch display4K Multi-touch Display
StandCabinetry or free-standing electric stands
3D ModelModelling (refer to inclusions & exclusions for more details
CMS Content (Markers, images, video)Created and updated by Client-users.
Road Measure NetworkIn-built; integrate new and existing streets within 1.5km site radius.
360° Video Flythrough Created by us; 30 second flythrough (includes export to MP4).
360° Streetview PanoramaCreated by us.
BrandingLogos, Colours, Backgrounds.
CMS to CloudCMS deployed to Cloud Services, with security tests.
Online Software HostingAccess & launch Software via web browser.
Touchscreen BuildHardware procurement from supplier.
Software Installation and ConfigurationInstallation of map table app, configuration with CMS.
System TestingOn deployment
On-site InstallationCabinetry by 3rd party supplier
Development ManagementCoordination of all aspects of program – software creation, 3D modelling, integrated system development and management, hardware supply, training, publication, support, etc.
Training3 virtual sessions
Platform trainingDay to day use of application – features & functionality
CMS training – Content CreationHow to create content in the CMS
CMS training – CMS AdminAdd / manage users, settings