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Last Updated on November 1, 2023


Digital Services Division Explainer Video

Harnessing the power of 3D visualisation to translate digital concepts and frameworks into human terms


Services Australia, comprising Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support, is planning to roll out a new Digital Services Division (DSD) which combines the three services to streamline and simplify the provision of government services and assistance to eligible Australian citizens and permanent residents, including welfare, health, child support and more.

By 2025, Australians will be able to use their digital identity as a single entry point to engage with the various government services. This will enable them to conveniently manage all their transactions with better ease and speed.

The new DSD will expand the existing digital services currently available to Australians. For example, with streamlined digital services, data from the most up-to-date sources can be collected to make routine tasks such as reporting changes of address and income even easier.

Increased data sharing will also provide a complete view of a customer’s circumstances, in order for Services Australia to deliver appropriate and personalised services. For example, when a customer calls Services Australia, voice authentication can confirm their identity and allow for tailored information and messaging.

If necessary, a Digital Assistant will support a customer’s journey through the services that they need, and transition the customer to live human help. This process will also facilitate Services Australia staff in getting a clearer picture of a customer’s situation and/or requirements before advising or providing further assistance to them.

The brief

We were tasked to come up with a clear and concise way to introduce the client’s new offering to the public, helping Australians understand the rollout, and build their confidence in using the newest digital government services.

The challenge

Despite the straightforward brief, the task at hand was a challenging one. This was due to the fact that there was a massive amount of interconnected information on the DSD to be extracted and condensed into a 2-minute explainer video illustrating the structure and organisation of these services, as well as informing customers about the types of services available to them.

For the rollout of its DSD, Services Australia had mapped out the various help pathways available to its customers. With more than 25,000 staff in many capacities across Australia, this was a complex task. There was a fine line between figuring out how best to deliver the information required and overwhelming the viewer with too much information.

We consulted with the client to determine the information they wanted to focus on and convey. Then we began to distill this information into simpler terms using storyboards. We worked to create an explainer video that would illustrate the many different service pathways that the new DSD will offer.

The outcome

The client was very happy with the end result: a simple yet comprehensive 2-minute-long video that features a 3D animation of a typical Services Australia customer as she navigates her way through the various services available to her at different stages of her life.

Using 3D animation, we were able to translate digital concepts and organisational structures into human terms, allowing the viewer to easily visualise the range of services available via the DSD portal.

With this video, Services Australia will be able to inform and educate customers about the upcoming rollouts, as well as increase the uptake of digital services as they become available.

We were able to impress Services Australia with our responsiveness and ability to grasp what was required very quickly, contributing exciting ideas and concepts and demonstrating that we completely understood their vision and the goals that they wanted to achieve.

Thanks to our extensive experience working with various government departments, we are very familiar with navigating specific workflows and processes, including working with our clients for Ministry reviews and sign-offs. For this project, we were able to help Services Australia come up with an affordable solution that was well within budget and time constraints.

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