Interactive Gamification Engagement – Metro Tunnel Construction

Last Updated on April 16, 2023

Creating engaging educational gamification tools for community engagement and stakeholder relations for the Metro Tunnel Project built trust and interactivity with the community.

Client: Rail Projects Victoria

Project: Metro Tunnel Project

Client Engagement Challenge

Engage the community and keep everyone happy and informed while the massive construction disruptions are occurring across the city.

Gamification Solution

A hands-free gamified visualisation tool inside the Melbourne Metro Tunnel community hub on the main street of the city.

The game has motion detection inbuilt with a 60” screen for a highly immersive and fun way to learn about disruptions in the neighbourhood. Ideated and invented by Urban CGI with scripting, setting, storyboard, sign-off and delivery – it is a major feature of the community hub.

The game teaches the users, and observers of the user, about where disruptions will be throughout the city whilst getting some light exercise waving your arms to move the characters left and right. We are experts in engagement products for web, in-store, phone, VR, video and imagery.

Community Hub Construction Engagement Gamification experience