Flood Mitigation Approval for Airport Link Tunnel Portal

Last Updated on August 4, 2023

Flood Mitigation Proofs – Airport Link Tunnel Portal

Our client – the AirPort Link consortium led by the John Holland Group

Our role – to rapidly integrate and iterate the accurate spatial data with the design data to allow rapid executive team decision making and verification processes in a $5bn tendering process.

The challenges – working for the construction client but dependent on global design consultants slow to provide inputs and work in a time (and cost)-saving visual modality that saved design iterations – however design flows were built directly with the construction client team who increased our role to facilitate data flows and design inputs to further accelerate the approvals and development methodologies.

Client benefits – saved enormous amounts of time and money on expensive design iterations and allowed the (construction) client to iterate rapidly toward optimal solutions and prove-up the solution to their leadership team and then ultimately win the $5bn tender through a range of unequivocal proofs and highly intelligent design responses to site constraints.