Training Catch-Up from COVID with limited resources – how to do it?

Last Updated on March 16, 2023

You know there is a labour shortage caused by COVID. There is much to do and not enough people to do it. Coupled with this, large companies are aggressively poaching and headhunting staff, consuming smaller organizations as well as actively encroaching on competitors. Upskilling resources to be better trained with higher confidence and a greater ability to manage multiple situations, particularly in industrial environments, has never been more critical.

Demand is Increasing

We often talk to clients who had 20 near-miss-incidents in the past 12 months and they are terrified that their luck will soon run out. When working in industrial settings – from loading vehicles to crossing railways – it is critical that staff are trained and knowledgeable in how to do their work.

The length of time it takes a new employee (or graduate) to become a competent technician is a critical driver in your success, resilience and efficiency. Clients we speak to are endeavouring to double their workforce, in many cases increasing their staff numbers by thousands across different sectors and specializations.

Increased Regulation

National, federal and state governments are releasing mandates on the requirements and skills – from critical safety communications through to chain of responsibility legislation – making training even more imperative. An incident on your site or a serious injury can have deep ramifications for families, for co-workers, for morale and for your reputation. Some incidents may be prevented through good training, and liability reduced

The impacts of training can often be high due to the length of time it takes to get people into classrooms, to prepare for coursework, to roster staff, and to shut down systems for training on site – these all have consequence and logistical requirements that can be difficult to schedule in a busy industrial operational environment.

How can CGI help?

With CGI technology and training apps we are providing solutions for training that develop credentials and micro-credentials across skills, efficiently and effectively. CGI training apps are applied to a range of skillsets and can be rolled out in weeks and months.

From virtual reality to desktop or phone apps – from critical communications to heavy vehicle operations or load lashing – CGI can help you upskill, train and re-accredit your workforce quickly and effectively. This gives you confidence in your staffs skills.

CGI training include reporting and links to your Learning Management System (LMS) or to a simple CSV database. This saves your organization time and risk in training, administration and duplication.

Get people on the job with confidence, quickly and easily.