How much faster is option development, planning approvals and stakeholder engagement with Urban CGI?

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

This article briefly reviews our experience with increasing the speed of development and approvals with stakeholder engagement, schematic planning with optioneering and winning planning approvals.

We find an improvement of at least double the speed, and thus half the cost than other methods available on the market.

Often, usually, we achieve a 10x improvement in speed for the client – eg from 1 year to 1 month.

This result has been the case for all projects we have worked on for over 20 years of consulting.

Concept Planning and Option Development Stage

Optioneering Old WayOur Way
Labour Days55 days18 days
Calendar/Business Days25 Days15 Days

Optioneering is faster with our Live Planning because realistic 3D planning estimates of complex alignments and scenarios in urban construction contexts are created live and collaboratively.

Invalid options are eliminated in minutes – saving time.

Traditional optioneering development in engineering organisations can often ‘rabbit warren’ down a hole that costs clients weeks of consulting to no end. With Urban CGI infrastructure planning, we eliminate many invalid and redundant options quickly, often in hours in live workshops. Then we zoom in on the valid options to commence development.

Our concept planning and option development tools get clients to the result quickly with engineering validated options development modelling and parametric algorithms. Any particular or niche design option validation is gathered as an input by design technicians and specialists and imported back to the planning model for rapid iterations in 3D live construction and schematic plans.

Speed Return on Investment with wall maker visuals on streets
Urban CGI 3D wall maker on streets
Speed Return on Investment with the use of 3D rail road imagery
Urban CGI 3D parametric alignment development tools for rail and assets like gantries
Speed Return on Investment with a 3D imagery of a rail traffic for approvals
Parametric road development alignment tools

Planning Approval Development Stage

Approval StageOld WayOur Way
Decision timesWeeksDays
Decision delaysMonthsLive

Approvals are quicker with our CGI Live Planner because the approvers and clients get to experience a live, interactive 3D planner and view of scenarios and options in context that is measurable, validated and experiential. Thus it is easier to understand for all stakeholders who can make decisions faster, often instantly.

Approval Stage Planning with Sightline 3D Visualisation
Live planning approval with point-based sightline planning
Planning approval method to display live planning using 3D imagery
Live, behavioural simulated models with engineering accurate shadows
Planning approval method to display live planning using 3D imagery
Interactive 3d display of Melbourne

Stakeholder Engagement in Planning Approvals for Project Management

Stakeholder Engagement StageOld WayOur Way
Decision timesWeeksDays
Decision delaysWeeks / MonthsNone
Meets required per issue/stakeholder5-201-2
Labour days (3 ppl/meet)15-603-6
Labour days to manage 10 stakeholder groups150-60030-60

Stakeholder engagement discussions have proven quicker over the 20 years of our consulting work because all stakeholders immediately understand the scenario from all angles and in an experiential format.

Every stakeholder intuitively understands a live, interactive 3D plan and view of the proposal or 3D animations and image planning model extracts. Being easier to understand for all stakeholders – they can make decisions faster and need only one conversation.

Across a 10-stakeholder project – it is typical for the client to move from 200 meetings to under 10 meetings. Thus your staff can get on with their work and you save money.

Planning Approval method to display rail ways and landscaping
Live planning visuals of railways and landscaping
Planning approval method for return of investment using 3D visuals of parks
Planning 3D imagery of Parkville
Precinct development planning using live visuals
Precinct planning concept development Urban CGI imagery
Stakeholder Engagement Stage of Planning using 3D Visuals
Urban CGI planning imagery of a park and landscaping adjacent a railway line
Planning approval for stakeholder engagement using live 3D visuals
Urban CGI planning 3D visualisation of housing in context