Animation Videos

Our advanced CGI pipeline and communications skills allows us to offer clients a broad array of 3D video animation products to suit a range of needs. 

Some types of animation videos

  1. Induction videos for site training – from capture to precision productions
  2. Training and instructional videos for learning procedures mapped to competencies 
  3. Business case videos explaining and justifying complex scenarios for funding 
  4. Bid and pitch videos for major project submissions including unsolicited bids
  5. 4D sequencing videos for demonstrating methodologies and planning
  6. Sales videos for a product or service to drive revenue 
  7. Fly-through videos 

Do you have a story to tell, a pitch to make, a budget to win, or an approval to gain?

Engaging, informative, targeted visual narratives are the most effective and efficient way to present your campaign across both traditional and new media channels.

We turn complex technical information into compelling narratives.

Communications Videos

Communications videos let the vision sell your story. Get the job done quickly and with absolute certainty.

Communication videos are effective engagement tools to establish and build trust. They get your message across quickly and concisely.

Joan Kirner Hospital Communications Video for Engagement.

Trusted for the $50bn Suburban Rail Loop Communications.

This communications video was made to inform and engage stakeholders impacted by the development at Joan Kirner Hostpital. With 3D motion-tracked footage compositing the rendered hospital over the real footage – the future is now clear and compelling.

Whatever your message is, however big or small, we can create an engaging and visual way to communicate it with your audience. We are here to help you engage and inform your stakeholders so they can build trust in you and your project.

Fly-through Videos

Fly-through Videos literally fly, walk or drive your clients or stakeholders through your concepts or actual projects. They are great tools for you to inform, engage and sell.

A fly-through video provides an accurate vision of the proposed design and environment. It is usually rendered from a 3D model and composited to add the magic.

Your result is to win by advancing learning, knowledge, sales, approvals and engagement.

Visualise the future and then explore it. As seen in the Pacific Motorway (M1) Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill Project by the Department of Transport of Main Roads, major infrastructure projects impact various precincts. Visualising major infrastructure projects keeps stakeholders informed and confident in your vision and delivery.

Interactive CGI Animation Videos

allow your audience to choose their own adventure.

Combine a fly-through video with hotspots for information to engage and inform.

Interactive Videos support user interactions and deeper engagements. Interactive videos include clickable zones that create responsive actions – like displaying text, starting video-in-video or displaying data and statistics.

Interactive videos can be gamified within apps and digital tools to create a platform for feedback measurement and user knowledge – useful for training and learning.

See our Interactive Video Examples: here, here, and here.

3D display for engagement and interaction

Technical Videos

Technical Videos demonstrate how the pieces fit together across engineering, design, systems and behavioral interfaces.

A technical vision builds delivery confidence. Our process supports vision clarity – the earlier you call us, the more value you win.

Technical videos consolidate and clarify your vision on construction and scheduling, machinery, logistics, workflows and project assimilation to build trust and confidence.

Technical videos instruct, induct, familiarise, refresh and teach staff, operators, users, customers and stakeholders.

Technical videos win bids and funding, comfort anxious stakeholders, create understanding and improve safety.

We talk technical and convert your industry hieroglyphics, plans, sections, diagrams and codes, to strong, clear visions.


Technical Video Visualising the EPSA Genset Packages for Sale.

Build confidence in the delivery and performance of complex technical work

Technical Videos are designed to highlight your total command over the performance of a complex task, demonstrating how everything will be safe and efficient under your management.  

From complex construction phasing and scheduling, machinery and logistics integration, to sub-surface and utility management, temporary works and project assimilation – you need to build trust and demonstrate you are the right choice for the job.

Technical Videos can also instruct, induct, familiarise, refresh and train audiences (staff, operators, users and customers) in complex tasks. This improves operational readiness in complex projects, safety for operators and builds customer loyalty to your brand.

Promote your work while visualising the future. With technical videos you can demonstrate your ability to work with complexities and creatively envision the future of your project.

Technical Video of Ausenco Pit to Port Process to Assure Project Delivery.

Technical videos demonstrate your mastery over complexity. This technical video for Ausenco demonstrates the scale and intricacies many major projects entail. However, through visualizing your process, stakeholders can be confident in your delivery and support your vision.

Why We Are The Preferred Choice:

  • Built environment professionals with experience reading plans, drawings, files, programs and technical information.
  • 20 years’ company experience across urban, environment and infrastructure sectors.
  • Engaging video products linked to urban models.
  • Technical development, including verifications, optioneering and rapid feedback loops to support innovation.
  • Regulator-approved operator training and familiarisation techniques.
  • Products deployed across multibillion dollar projects, saving millions in training.

Driving Value

  • Construction sequencing and methodological development and demonstration.
  • Construction impacts on noise, traffic, disruptions and air quality.
  • Operator familiarisation in driver simulation, site inductions and maintenance.
  • Logistics sequencing, timetabling and scheduling development and demonstration.
  • Geological, mechanical, hydrological, civil and architectural interfaces.