Digital Railway Training That Wins You Time

Our railway training partners deliver competency and route training in under half the time it once took. They now win months of time back compared to classroom or on-site training. They achieve more buy-in, understanding and retention for half the effort. Less labour hours, months ahead in calendar time, less rostering, no on-site or in-cab, no simulator and no goggles. 

Is Your Railway Training on the Slow Coach?

Is your railway training struggling to upskill the hundreds / thousands of workers in time? Training and briefing drivers to track force protection officers, train controllers through to executives on skills, rules, conditions and changed conditions across the network? Is this putting pressure on capacity, safety, compliance and assurance?

Are route qualifications taking too long and happening too late? Is this lateness increasing pressure, risk and expense on rosters, safety and administration? Is qualifying and re/accrediting drivers and staff hard work, inconsistent and squeezed in at the last minute in commissioning? Are you constantly running out of time?

Railways have stringent safety requirements for training needs with expanding and dynamic workforces across operations and upgrades. The risk of not having consistent, quality and timely training across diverse skills is enormous. 

The pressure on training in railway academies and operations is intense. The demands to deliver people readiness across skills and routes within a complex industrial environment with high levels of attrition and an aging workforce is heroic in scale.


Before Urban CGI - MTM route re-qualifications were over 12 weeks on site. Now it's 60 mins classroom then online CGI - well ahead of time.

Chalk ‘n’ talk classroom based training is struggling to keep pace with demands and quality control. Trainers are increasingly hard to find. Workforces are dispersed and complex. Training in a yard, depot, on-site or in-cab under tuition uses scarce assets and expensive resources inefficiently. 

Physical simulators are pricey and take one person at a time. Fine for train handling, but what about all the other competencies? Virtual reality (VR) is slow, expensive, clunky and pretty useless. 

If you route re/qualifications are taking months or years on regional networks – there’s a smarter way. If teams are struggling with competency and recall on tasks like un/coupling procedures – there is now a smarter way. Slow training adds pressure and costs to commissioning, operations, customer services and the business bottom line. Learn how to win back time in railway training today. 




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AAA quality CGI route requalification simulations replicate the exact railway scenario for fast and scalable induction to a upgraded track environments. Our simulations include precise details of signals, gradients, context, stations, pathways, axle counters, whistle boards, signage, crossovers, belize. rail stops OLEs, cabling, train behaviours like acceleration, braking, speed and horns.


Get Your Railway Training Back on Track

For two decades we’ve helped railway organisations convert their railway training, inductions, planning, briefings and engagement from the Slow Coach to a High-Speed system.

Our railway products range from CGI simulations, digital twins,  planning tools, induction tools delivered as video and/or desktop and online interactive tools.

Railway route re/qualifications are being transformed from months to hours of training. Our standard products are delivered in 30-40 business days.

For sub/urban track changes, our CGI route inductions have proven over 20 times to cut the cost of route-requalification by 50%! We help you get train drivers route-competent well ahead of opening time. No more squeezing route training into a few weeks just before revenue services. Plus, those those weeks are retuned to the construction schedule, easing pressure all round.

Our partners leverage our digital twins for construction planning, signal optimisation, operations and maintenance, permitting, track familiarisation and inductions, safety training, asset ‘treasure hunts’ through to concept of operations for shunting. Full CGI rail and rolling stock physics included.

We’re converting in-cab video into procedural learning and route qualification tool, saving the months it takes having drivers under instruction and its impacts on rostering. Now, drivers can access a desktop or online railway route interactive training tool to measurably validate they know where and when to brake, accelerate, throttle up based on braking curves across train sets along any included route. This saves months and millions.

We transform important competencies like Safely Access the Rail Corridor or Un/Coupling. Online, interactive, AAA quality digital railway training tools with procedural learning functions directly linked to your LMS with inbuilt micro-credentialling for precision learning feedback. Drivers never struggle to remember again. They can repeat the learning infinite times.

Urban CGI Digital Railway Training keeps your workforce upskilled and perpetually accredited for a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the admin with quantitative evidential feedback. Trainees have better knowledge retention, a better learning experience, higher engagement and you get clear RTO compliance proofs including competencies mapped.

See some features and benefits below.

Features of Urban CGI Digital Railway Training

Competency Mapped
Meets re/certification and accreditation requirements per competency.

Interactive Procedural Learning
Include manual functions like push, pull, rotate etc to embed knowledge.

Long Lifetimes
Each module has a 5-10 years lifetime.
Easy to update and redeploy remotely.

Full Service Solution
Includes strategy, mapping, storyboards, production, hosting and support. 

Rapid Delivery Times
30-50 business days for most modules. Accelerations available for inductions.

Suits Many Railway Skills
Convert much of your training programme to digital for better outcomes, faster.

LMS Linked
Directly link to your LMS via SCORM to reduce paperwork and admin.

Suits HRLF events
Difficult high-risk, low-frequent (HRLF) events are well suited.

Track Responses Per Action
Unlimited data points for learning insights supports feedback and training assurance.

Benefits of Urban CGI Digital Railway Training

Reduce Time Lines
From months to minutes for skills.
From days to minutes for routes.

Achieve 100% Consistency
Directly convert expert knowledge to trainees for learning precision.

Train 1000’s at a Time
No throughput limits. Training via desktop, online or instructed CGI.

No Down Time
Modules completed in under 1 hour in classroom, offline or in stand-by.

Repeat 100’s of Times
Embed behavioural pathways for perpetual skills accreditation and assurance.

Improve Performance Feedback
Micro-credential knowledge per route and per skill for precise analysis. 

Easier Compliance Time
Easily meet your training compliance regulatory demands.

No Admin Time
Reduce travel, site visits, re-rostering and paper trails to zero.

Cost Positive
OPEX recovery in <12 months / module.
50% lower CAPEX per route induction.

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