Rail Signal Sighting Approvals Planning – Kananook

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

Rail Signal Sighting Approval – Carrum to Kananook

Our client – Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and the Level Crossings Removal Authority (LXRA) on the Carrum to Kananook Line Level Crossing Removal project.

Our role – using our in-house 3D visualisation tool, myriad data types and our Signal Sighting Workflow, we were able to enhance and support the design, validation and approval process of the signal sighting arrangement plan.

Our method – in collaboration with members of MTM and LXRA, we were able to leverage existing spatial and design data sets from a variety of projects to rapidly build up an accurate 3D model of the project area and publish to our real-time 3D interactive Visual Technology. Using a library set of signalling assets, we establish a digital template to facilitate the interactive, live review signal sighting workshops. In these workshops, our 3D Visual technology model becomes the central analysis and negotiation tool to accurately, dynamically and rapidly test scenarios and iterate towards approval collaboratively and openly. Discrepancies were identified through the review workshops and rectified in an open, interactive and real-time environment. The ability to view the signal sighting design plan, within the accurate real-time 3D existing conditions of the project corridor, contributed to better visibility and focus of the task and improved time utilisation and saved time and money.

Client benefits – a key component was the sense of collaboration that the process evoked, stemming from; a series of interactive workshops involving members of the signal sighting design team and the approvals committee. Complimenting the interactive 3D visual technology with our workflow methodology, resulted in efficient decision making and progress.

Client Testimonial – “I am very pleased with the way they have provided the Signal Sighting for Carrum Stage 4 project. We had a challenging stage 3 Signal Sighting and it took a bit longer than anticipated to get the Notice of Assessment from MTM. For Stage 4 the 3D model and the planning put forward has been fantastic and we have been able to present the data to MTM which has been well accepted”. Amit Koul B.E(Elec), MIE, CPEng. Signalling Engineering Manager. Southern Program Alliance – Kananook.

Rail Signal Sighting Approvals Accelerate Planning for Carrum to Kananook
Rail signal displaying a low-speed caution with no route indicator
Rail signal sighting 3D model of project area for Carrum to Kananook
3D model of rail sighting from Carrum to Kananook
Interactive presentation of the rail signal sighting approvals accelerate planning
Interactive presentation of the rail signal sighting planning