About Urban CGI

Simulating Your Future

For over 25 years, we’ve supported making better places for people transformed through infrastructure in its social and environment contexts.

Grown organically from Dr Ben Guy’s creative consultancy to an international technology leader service.

Are you looking for Urban Circus, Australia? In March 2023, our digital twin technology company rebranded to Urban CGI. We are still the same team and deliver the same exceptional results. Our international company remains within the original Urban Circus studio in Melbourne. Our Urban Circus LinkedIn account has also changed to Urban CGI LinkedIn.

Our Australian-made technology supports construction managers, project managers and leaders across site-planning, master-planning and urban development-planning.

CGI master-planning supports Victorian transport agencies in building some of the best urban legacy projects in history across the suburbs of Melbourne.

Our site-planning solutions support construction managers and digital engineers with planning and simulating site layouts across construction and operations with agile 3.5D workflows.

Urban CGI development-planning solutions run the 3D Development Assessment systems for Perth, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Penrith, Melbourne and others for many years.

We also support projects with incredible communications, visualization, 3D rendering, training videos and interactive digital solutions across stakeholder engagement needs.

Urban CGI staff

Our Vision

We make planning an engaging art and science. Why?

Because bad planning and bad plans make bad, dangerous, expensive, unsustainable places and outcomes with ‘unforeseen’ consequences across multiple dimensions.

We really like good places and smart outcomes. Places like Oxford Circus, working across dozens of dimensions with high economic, social, functional and cultural value. Our society needs more integrated places and outcomes, less silo thinking.

Thus, we work hard to make awesome planning technologies and solutions so planning becomes ‘computer—game’ easy so you can make plans so powerful, you can transform your and our world.

Plans that are intuitive, obvious, agile, live, trusted, verifiable, measurable, integrated, multi-dimensional, beautiful, inspirational, instructional, intelligent and visionary.

Please, make good plans – whatever way you go.

Our Culture

We are a family-owned Australian business operating for 20 years. We have won the trust of clients through our enabling culture and on-time delivery mindset. Our level of care, passion and commitment and enabling approach differentiates us from corporate consultants.

Our real time 3d technology is relied upon in the boardroom, stakeholder engagement and major bid presentations.

Our planning and visualisation combination sees our clients win major bids, win trust, win influence, win sales and win the future.

Urban CGI team

Urban CGI Team Capability

Urban CGI is a simulation consulting firm founded in 2004 by Dr. Ben Guy, a pioneer in the field of complex urban dynamics, with degrees in psychology, physics and design.

We provide simulation consulting to solve complex problems across industries, using our in-house expertise in environmental, design, behavioural, and multi-physics modelling, software engineering, management and technical skills.

We have developed and build hyper-efficient workflows using advanced simulation and modelling systems that gives rapid and often real-time answers to complex integrated systems that have held back clients for months, years and decades with enormous direct, opportunity and reputational costs.

We solve complex problems quickly that are unsolvable by others in the time needed. We constantly surpass engineering consulting firms in the quality and timeliness of solutions across lifecycles – schematic design, decision-making, collaboration, engagement, training and management.

We create these outcomes using our unique, custom-built in-house technology systems and workflows, integrated real-time physics-based simulation tools in deep tech stacks. There are often no competitors to our solutions, and so we are sole providers and partners to many.

We work in partnership with our clients with the objective to transform a business need – be it in improving training, concept design, system operations, construction, logistics, communication, or more.

Our values are sustainability, nature, integration, intelligence, outcomes and speed – there is no time to waste.

After 20 years, we have high confidence in the value and outcomes we can achieve for you. Thus, we benchmark the business case and situational analysis to measure progress and outcomes to support your decisions.

Why Urban CGI?

We have a deep understanding of complex systems and how to test, optimise and simulate them, often in real-time.

We have a 20 year proven track record of success in solving complex problems across industries.

We use cutting-edge technology and efficient workflows to deliver hyper-efficient results.

We are a trusted partner who works collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals.

We are committed to sustainability, nature, integration, intelligence, speed, and measurable outcomes, fast.

Our headquarters are in Melbourne, at the ‘Paris End’ of the city, near Parliament Station. We are working globally with partner clients in complex problem solving.

Contact us today if you have complex situations constraining your progress.

Staff compare different eLearning platform examples for industry training.
Testimonial portrait for Urban CGI

“When it comes down to it, the team ‘get it’. They know what they’re doing, chase all the data, do all the legwork, bring everything together on time and produce great outcomes. As a client, I feel confident it will be done and done well.”

Communications Director

Major Projects

Dr. Ben Guy, Urban CGI

Meet The Founder

Dr. Ben Guy

Ben is a Civil Planner and has been in the planning industry for over 25 years. He’s passionate about bringing together modern technologies and agile methodologies to make urban planning smarter. 

Holding a PhD in Design-based Planning Systems, Ben’s thesis explored form-based urban design and planning. In it he compared post-war reconstructive city building to places like Oxford Circus, London, and developed and confirmed a method for city planning based on space over use.

Ben has led Urban CGI since 2002.

Connect with Ben.